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CCPA’s Official Bilingual Newsletter

Reflecting the current status of counselling/psychotherapy across Canada

Addressed to counsellors/psychotherapists/counselling therapists across the country employed in varied geographical areas and in different domains of interest and specialization. Your opportunity to share your interests, inform your colleagues of your projects, and to publish articles and manuscripts.

Flip through an interactive edition below, or scroll further down to access the PDF version of each article.

Except where specifically indicated, the opinions expressed in COGNICA are strictly those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the CCPA, its officers, directors, or employees.


COGNICA Fall 2022 Full PDF Edition

Changing Seasons, Renewed Practices…
Kathy Offet-Gartner, PhD, President of CCPA

Therapeutic Reflections
Carrie Foster, CCPA’s President Elect

Notebook on Ethics, Legal Issues and Standards of Practice for Counsellors and Psychotherapists – Accessing of a Client’s Health Record by a Health Practitioner in Response to an Ethical Complaint is Not a Breach of Privacy: A Court Decision
Dr. Glenn Sheppard, President Emeritus of CCPA

Client Connection and Support through the Process of Sustained Centering
Dr. Chery Ann Hoffmeyer, Ph.D., RTTT, QTTT

CCPA Board Elections Notice

Climate Psychotherapy Questions, Answers, and Possibilities
Nancy Blair, CCC, RCT

Nature-Informed Therapy
by Laura Cohen

E-Services: What You Need to Know for Virtual Counselling, Counselling Therapy & Psychotherapy
BMS Group, CCPA’s Preferred Liability Insurance Provider

CCPA Advocacy Update
Lindsey Thomson, Director of Public Affairs, CCPA


Publication Guidelines

  • COGNICA is published 2 times per year.
  • The submission deadlines for articles and advertising are Feb 1st & Aug 1st.
  • Submissions should not exceed 2 pages.
  • Articles published in COGNICA are eligible for Continuing Education Credits. Information on CECs can be found here.
  • All submissions are welcome for consideration. Those accepted will be subject to editorial review prior to publication.

Editorial Committee

Lakawthra Cox, Sandra Dixon, Sarah Pittoello, Priyadarshini Senroy, Vicki -Anne Rodrigue, Carla Pauls, Kathy Offet-Gartner, Carrie Foster, Kim Hollihan, Karina Albert, and Kaylynn Craig.

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