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Introducing easy, cost-effective access to Continuing Education Credits

Are you looking for cost-effective continuing education credits that fit into your busy schedule? CCPA members have an ethical obligation for ongoing professional learning, and we’ve listened to your concerns about finding quality, accessible learning opportunities.

Each year National Office receives your continuing education credits (CECs) and tabulates the mandatory CECs for certification renewal. We’ve noticed that, in addition to our annual Conference and webinars, many of our members are seeking local professional learning events and online learning to address their continuing education needs.

To assist you, CCPA has recently partnered with Mental Health Academy (MHA) to help you access high quality, affordable pre-approved learning opportunities for continuing education credits. MHA is a well-regarded professional learning provider that specializes in affordable online courses and video workshops via a subscription paid monthly or yearly.

In a landmark offer, CCPA and MHA are offering you an exclusive and limited opportunity that provides you with access to a large range of quality CCPA pre-approved programs.

Interested? It’s easy, cost-effective, and available in your office or home based on your schedule.

View Event Iikakiimaat: A Best Practice

Angela Grier explains the Indigenous pre-contact worldview, values, and health systems that existed in Canada, and how colonization has resulted in unfavorable changes in access to health resources, pathologising of Indigenous peoples, and critical gaps in health status compared with European peoples.

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Access the MHA Courses

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