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Certification with CCPA is different from membership with CCPA.

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Becoming a member of CCPA means joining Canada’s leading group of professional peers and experts, who provide essential services to the mental health and well-being of Canadians.

CCPA is a national bilingual professional organization dedicated to serving the interests of Canadian counsellors and psychotherapists who work in many diverse fields of education, employment and career development, social work, business, industry, mental health, public service agencies, government and private practice.

Why should I
become a member?


CCPA developed the Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) certification process, available only to qualified Professional members, to promote professional accountability and visibility. Certification identifies to the public and professional peers those counsellors who have met specific professional standards. We offer members who have their CCC the opportunity to be part of our Directory of Certified Members.


CCPA has developed the Continuing Education Credit (CEC) system, free to members, to recognize professional development activities and promote continuous education.


CCPA has adopted a Code of Ethics which serves as a guide to the professional conduct of all its members. We have also adopted a comprehensive Standards of Practice for Counsellors.


We offer professional members, who hold the CCC certification and to Student members  enrolled in a Masters degree program in Counselling, exclusively for coverage during their practicum, a comprehensive professional liability insurance policy at low cost. CCPA’s partnership with The Personal entitles you to exclusive benefits on home and auto group insurance.


CCPA publishes a quarterly newsletter, COGNICA, dedicated to keeping our members informed about current trends in counselling in Canada. An online version, including past issues, is available through the Member Portal, a members only section of the website. We also provide electronic bulletins to members who subscribe to our monitored list-serv. Four times a year, we publish the Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy (CJCP) which provides members up to date information on counselling research, innovative practices, and book reviews.


We offer a “Members only” restricted zone on our site which provides access to:

  • previous issues of Cognica
  • employment opportunities
  • updates on provincial regulation
  • member’s incentive program


CCPA co-sponsors, with local coordinating committees, an annual national conference dedicated to providing members with new ideas and new techniques to help them meet the needs of clients. CCPA has special interest and regional chapters across Canada. There is also an Awards program to recognize outstanding contributions by its members to our profession in the areas of research, writing, training, program development and bilingualism. CCPA works actively with other associations and with government departments, to promote its professional projects.

What is required to become a member?

Applying for Membership

Professional Membership
• Membership application form;
• Proof of graduation (in the form of a copy of your degree certificate or a copy of your transcript);
• Annual membership fees of $185.00.

Student Membership:
• Membership application form;
• Proof of current student status (using our Proof of Student Form).
• Annual membership fees of $85.00.

Joint Membership:

Joint membership is available between CCPA and the following associations:


Are you wondering what type of work we do behind the scenes in order to offer the most to our membership and ensure things run smoothly for our members?

From advocating with MPs to designing a brand new website, we have been busy in the last year.

Read about it here