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Lead, Clinical Supervision Initiatives
CCPA Lead, Clinical Supervision Initiatives


The CCPA Lead, Clinical Supervision Initiatives is a subject matter expert in the distinct professional practice area of clinical supervision.


They will propose, develop, and/or implement clinical supervision-related initiatives (e.g. policy, research, professional development, publications, certification) that are innovative and of high quality. They will engage and build meaningful relations with stakeholders, both internal (CCPA staff, volunteers, members) and external (such as universities, regulatory colleges, like-minded provincial, national and international associations) to advance CCPA’s mandate as it pertains to clinical supervision. They will promote and enhance CCPA’s well-established leadership role in clinical supervision.



  • Research, recommend, develop, and/or execute strategies, initiatives and materials that support the direction set by the CCPA National Board of Directors specific to clinical supervision.
  • Raise the profile of clinical supervision as a distinct area of professional practice in Canada, and uphold a positive image of CCPA as a leader in the field.
  • Build and maintain meaningful relationships with internal and external stakeholders, particularly with respect to clinical supervision-related topics/areas within CCPA’s mandate, policies and practices.
  • Proactively support the CCPA Board of Directors, Committees, Chapters, CEO, staff and members on matters related to clinical supervision, including assessing needs and responding to queries.
  • Collaborate with other National Office staff members on supervision-related campaigns, initiatives and professional development and assist them with keeping CCPA’s website and social media platforms up to date.
  • Liaise, consult and collaborate with the CCS Advisory Committee, the Advancement of Clinical Supervision Committee and the Counsellor Educators and Supervisors Chapter, as needed.
  • Ensure an evaluation of the various initiatives implemented including the identification and monitoring of goals, metrics/benchmarks and outcomes.
  • Actively seek out grant opportunities/donors/partners to expand and support clinical supervision initiatives/projects.
  • Complete administrative tasks associated with the role.
  • Other duties, as required.



  • A minimum of a Master’s degree in counselling/psychotherapy or a related field and a professional certification (i.e. CCC) or license (i.e. RP, RCT, LCT, QC psychotherapy permit) in counselling/psychotherapy.
  • A professional certification in clinical supervision (e.g. CCS) or equivalent training/ education/ experience in clinical supervision.
  • Minimum of five years of experience as a counsellor/ counselling therapist and/or psychotherapist.
  • Minimum of three years of experience working as a clinical supervisor of counsellors, counselling therapists and/or psychotherapists.
  • Subject matter expertise in clinical supervision including ethics and standards of practice.
  • Knowledge of the regulatory landscape in Canada and the supervision requirements specific to individual regulatory colleges.
  • Understanding the needs of the diverse community of clinical supervisors in Canada on such matters as professional development, networking and peer consultation.
  • Ability to work as an engaged and effective member of a team.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong organization, administration and online/computer skills.




Language: Fluency in English is required. Fluency in French is an asset.


Hours of Work: Up to 4 days/week or 30 hours/week (negotiable)


Compensation: $42 per hour (commensurate with qualifications and experience)


Duration: One year contract from start date (with the possibility of an extension)


Location: CCPA’s National Office, 202 – 245 Menten Place, Ottawa


This position is located at the CCPA National Office in Ottawa, with the possibility of being remote.




CCPA is an equal opportunity employer and proud to abide by its accessibility policy.


CCPA has a COVID-19 vaccine policy in place and all staff on-site at National Office must be fully vaccinated (minimum two doses of eligible COVID-19 vaccines).



Click on apply below to open an email and send

your resumé and cover letter by March 1st, 2024



Contact Andreea Andrei at [email protected].