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Upcoming events in the field of counselling and psychotherapy.

An event listed on this page does not necessarily imply endorsement by CCPA. Event listings are for informational use only. For pre-approved events, click here.

Contact Geneviève at [email protected] to have your event listed on this page.


Des événements à venir dans le domaine du counseling et de la psychothérapie.

La mention d’un événement sur cette page n’y accorde pas nécessairement la sanction de l’ACCP. La liste des événements constitue une source d’information seulement. Pour une liste d’événements pré-approuvés, cliquez ici.

Contactez Geneviève à [email protected] pour ajouter votre événement à cette page.

Jack Hirose & Associates - Spring 2020 Workshops

Click here for more information.

Being Here, Human's Online Grief Literacy Workshops - Spring 2020

Level 1 April 8th – 7-9 pm EST
Level 2 April 22nd – 7-9 pm EST

Level 1 May 6th – 7-9 pm EST
Level 2 May 20th – 7-9 pm EST

Level 1 June 3rd – 7-9 pm EST
Level 2 June 17th – 7-9 pm EST

Each of our two-hour workshops qualifies for the equivalent hours in CEC with the CCPA. Participants receive a certificate of completion that may be submitted for CEC credits.

For more information, refer to the poster or the website.

Tisser une forte alliance thérapeutique à Moncton, NB - 23 et 24 avril

Les 23 et 24 avril 2020, nous offrons la formation « Tisser une forte alliance thérapeutique », qui vise les psychothérapeutes et toute personne en relation d’aide. Cette formation sera livrée par Mme Rachel Green, Ph. D. Voici le lien vers la description de cette formation: www.umoncton.ca/formation-continue/fr/alliancetherapeutique. Celle-ci aura lieu au campus de Moncton de l’Université de Moncton.

Arianne Struik - Treating Chronically Traumatized Children: The Sleeping Dogs Method in Vancouver, BC on April 26 & 27 and Calgary, AB on April 28 & 29

CLICK HERE for more information.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher Training Intensive in Nanaimo, BC - May 2-8

Click here for more information.

Introduction to Animal Assisted Therapy Seminar in Edmonton, AB - May 13

Click here for more information.

Level 2: Advanced Group Facilitation and Life Review with Dr. Marvin Westwood - May 15-17

Click here for more information.

Loving Your Broken Heart: Compassion-Based Therapy Workshop with Deirdre Fay, MSW, LICSW - May 16-17

LOVING YOUR BROKEN HEART: Compassion-Based Therapy Workshop with Deirdre Fay MSW LICSW 

May 16-17, 2020

Tabaret Hall 550 Cumberland St, Ottawa, ON
Phone: 613 656 3331
Email: [email protected]
Link: http://ottawariverpsychology.com

Exploring Animal Assisted Interventions Internship - May 21-24, 2020

Click here for more information.

EMDR Consulting’s EMDR Training: Integrating EMDR into your Clinical Practice, 5-Day Intensive in Victoria, BC on May 23-27 and Winnipeg, MB on Aug. 11-15

Victoria, BC. May 23-27, 2020
Winnipeg, MB.  August 11-15, 2020

For information about EMDR Consulting’s EMDR Training Course, please visit: www.emdrconsulting.com

To register for the 5-Day Intensive in Victoria, BC, please visit: https://www.emdrconsulting.com/event/victoria-bc-canada-emdr-training-5-day-intensive-2020/

To register for the 5-day Intensive in Winnipeg, MB, please visit: https://www.emdrconsulting.com/event/winnipeg-mb-canada-emdr-training-5-day-intensive-2020/

Or contact:  Esta Porter, PhD, RCC, LMHC [email protected]

Advanced EMDR Training for children and youth in Victoria, BC - May 29-31

Build knowledge and competencies to working with trauma and loss in children and youth through theory, hands-on clinical training, experiential exercises and application of EMDR protocol.

Ricky Greenwald is a clinical psychologist, the founder, executive director and chair of the faculty for the Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute. He is a leading expert on EMDR as well as the creator of progressive counting (PC), both psychotherapy methods for resolving traumatic memories and associated symptoms.

Click here for more information on the Child and Youth Trauma Training.

Click here for more information on the Advanced EMDR Training.

Michelle Gay, M.A., RCC, CCC
[email protected]

Canine Assisted Interventions Introductory Workshop - July 25-26, 2020

Click here for more information.

Animal Assisted Interventions Introductory Workshop - June 27, 2020

Click here for more information.

9-Day Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Foundations Training in Nanaimo, BC - September 3-12

Title:  9-Day Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Foundations Training
Date:  September 3 to 12, 2020
Hosted by:  Centre for Mindfulness Canada in collaboration with the Mindfulness Center at Brown University
Location: Nanaimo, BC

Early Bird Rate ends May 31, 2020

Website/To register: https://www.drkasimalmashat.com/9-day-mbsr-foundations.html
Presenters: Dr. Kasim Al-Mashat and Florence Meleo-Meyer
CE: Continuing Education Credits available.

The Deepest Kindness: ACT and the Therapeutic Relationship with Kelly Wilson, PhD - September 4-5

THE DEEPEST KINDNESS: ACT AND THE THERAPEUTIC RELATIONSHIP: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Workshop with Kelly Wilson, PhD

September 4-5, 2020

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
Phone: 613 656 3331
Email: [email protected]
Link: http://ottawariverpsychology.com

Dignity Therapy Training Workshop in Winnipeg, MB - September 14-16

Registration is now open for the next Dignity Therapy Training Workshop that will be held on September 14-16, 2020 in Winnipeg, Canada. This intensive two-and-a-half-day workshop is a blend of expert lectures, lively panel discussions, and plenty of small group sessions for participants to practice Dignity Therapy and edit a transcript of a therapy session, all under the guidance of workshop leader Dr. Harvey Max Chochinov and a team of experienced therapists. The workshop also provides a rare opportunity to observe Dr. Chochinov conducting a live Dignity Therapy session.

This workshop will be of interest to:

  • Clinicians who work with palliative care or geriatric patients and who are in a key position to use Dignity Therapy
  • Researchers who wish to include Dignity Therapy in the development of new research projects
  • Health care administrators/nursing home administrators responsible for creating and operationalizing an approach to care that supports and affirms patient dignity and personhood

For complete details and to register, visit the workshop’s Eventbrite page. For immediate inquiries, contact: [email protected]

Four Day Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in Halifax, NS - September 25-28

Four Day Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
September 25-28, 2020
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Lead by Robert Allan, PhD, LMFT, LPC
More info at https://drrobertallan.com/new-events

EFT is an evidence-based, experiential approach to couple therapy with proven interventions and a clearly demonstrated process of change.

Objectives of the Externship

  • Participants will obtain a clear understanding of the basic experiential and systemic concepts of an “Emotionally Focused” approach to couples therapy.
  • Participants will be able to conceptualize couple distress and relationship repair based on theories of attachment and emotion.
  • Participants will develop skills in helping partners reprocess the emotional responses that maintain relational distress.
  • Participants will develop skills in helping partners shape new interaction patterns and bonding events.
  • Participants will develop skills to overcome therapeutic impasses with couples.

Click here for more information and to register.

EMDR Child Specialist Intensive Programs with Ana Gomez - October 5-9

Sherwood Park, AB, March 5-9, 2020

To learn more about the 38 hours, plus 8 online, Intensive Program in Sherwood Park, please visit: www.anagomez.org/emdr-child-specialist-intensive-program-edmonton-canada. Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the “Register Now” link

Toronto, ON, Oct 5-9, 2020

To learn more and to register for the 38 hours, plus 8 online, Intensive in Toronto, ON, please visit: www.anagomez.org/emdr-child-specialist-intensive-program-toronto-canada. Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the “Register Now” link

OR contact Jim Mason at [email protected] to register. Payment plans are available.

Please visit www.anagomez.org/shedule to view upcoming AGATE Institute trainings

Canadian-Based EMDR Basic Trainings with Niagara Stress & Trauma Clinic's EMDRIA Approved Trainings in Halifax, NS - Part 1: October 21-24; Part 2: October 26-28

Canadian-Based EMDR Basic Trainings with Niagara Stress & Trauma Clinic’s EMDRIA Approved Trainings

Dr. Philippe Gauvreau, C.Psych.,
EMDRIA Approved Consultant & Training Provider

Halifax, N.S.  Intensive/All comprehensive one-week program
Part One: 21 – 24 October 2020 & Part Two: 26 – 28 October 2020

Courses are offered in other cities as well.
Visit our website or contacts us for more information
[email protected]

Fierce Self Compassion: A One-Day Workshop with Kristin Neff, PhD - November 7

FIERCE SELF COMPASSION: A One-Day Workshop with Kristin Neff, PhD

November 7, 2020

Gatineau Golf Club, Quebec
Phone: 613 656 3331
Email: [email protected]
Link: http://ottawariverpsychology.com

CTRI Online Training: Trauma, Addictions, Mental Health & More

ONLINE TRAINING – Access from Anywhere!

The Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute offers four differing online training options:

Live Stream Workshops
Actively engage with trainers and other participants in our full-day workshops.

Live Stream Webinars
Join our one-hour live webinars.

On-Demand Workshops
View previously recorded full-day workshops at your own pace.

On-Demand Webinars
Easily access one-hour webinars anytime and anywhere.

Do you have more time to read now?

Visit our website to learn more about our book, Counselling Insights – Practical Strategies for Helping Others with Anxiety, Trauma, Grief, and More

Free Resources
CTRI offers a multitude of free resources, including training.

Email:  [email protected]
Call:  204.452.9199

FEI International Crisis Responder Network Training and CEU’s

As an international leader in crisis management services, we regularly recruit trauma specialists to join our crisis responder network. Crisis responders participate in short-term contract work in response to mass casualty events such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks and aviation accidents.

To become part of the network, individuals must be trained by FEI and will be required to attend the FEI Crisis Responder Training.  This training is facilitated via webinar and those who complete the training are eligible to earn up to 8 continuing education units (CEU’s).

When deployed to provide support during a crisis, the trauma specialists will be compensated at an hourly rate ranging from $75-$90 USD/hour (depending on the level of support required for those impacted and as requested by our customer).

If you are interested in learning more about the training and the opportunity to become a member of our International Crisis Responder Network, please contact us at:414-359-6571 or you may see details on the training and register at the link below:


FEI Behavioral Health has been a leader in providing humanitarian support for over 40 years to our customers, their family members and, their communities following a critical event. At times the crisis may require organizational support such as an on-site debriefing.  At other times, we may be asked to provide support on a larger scale due to a mass casualty event. In those situations, basic psychological first aid is provided.

FEI has experienced an increase in the requests for critical incident support from our customers.  Additionally, with the escalation and threat of terrorism and natural disasters, FEI would like to invite your agency, and your clinicians, to join our elite network focused on providing the necessary support at the most critical times.

First Responder Health - Online Training Now Available

Recent research indicates that over 40% of Canada’s first responders struggle with symptoms consistent with one or more psychological disorders. The gap between mental health clinicians and first responders leave many to struggle in silence and work wounded. Our unique training opportunity is designed to change this.

We are proud to announce that Level 1 and Level 2 of our Occupational Awareness Training Program is now available online! Our courses have been designed for any healthcare professional interested in expanding their skill set in working with public safety personnel. They include customized lectures by top subject matter experts in the field of public safety mental health.

Our courses are also recognized for Continuing Education Credits. Purchase each course separately or get a special bundle price for both.

It is a difficult time for both clinicians and first responders, thank you for what you do.

Email Contact: [email protected]

View Our Courses Now!

Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Resolution Training in Kelowna, BC

Somatic Experiencing® is a potent psychobiological approach

to resolving the symptoms of trauma, developed by Peter Levine.  The training will make an even greater difference with your clients.

SE™offers a framework to assess where your client is “stuck” in the threat response.  Providing clinical tools to resolve these fixated physiological states that underlie so many trauma symptoms. Both theoretical and highly experiential, SE™ offers you effective skills for restoring nervous system regulation and resolving trauma that can be immediately integrated into your practice.


Offered in Kelowna in 2020.

[email protected] for information call 250-860-3181 between 8:30 am-4: 30 pm PST.

Specialized Social Skills Program for children diagnosed with ASD (severity level 1 and ADHD)

Click here for more information.