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Have you ever wondered what type of work we do for members behind the scenes? It’s been another busy year!

Scroll down to know what YOUR Association is doing for you.

In addition to CCPA’s regular activities, here are some of the special initiatives that CCPA has undertaken in the past year for its members:

(click on each title to view)

  • Continued to actively support provinces working toward  regulation
  • Prepare submissions for the Federal Finance Committee Pre-Budget Consultation
  • Meetings with Members of Parliament and provincial governments on advocacy campaigns. For example, www.taxfreetherapy.ca and www.CCC4NIHB.ca
  • Cross-Canada education and meetings with Insurers, Employers and Benefits Consultants to increase awareness of Canadian Certified Counsellors (CCCs) and work towards greater inclusion of CCCs in third-party billing.
  • Providing individual support to members for their third-party billing questions
  • Creating and updating resources for members on advocacy related topics (see website)
  • Creation of Press Releases to help the public understand CCPA’s stance on various topics
  • Regular updates from the Director of Public Affairs and the Indigenous Initiatives Lead
  • Membership continues to grow…now at 13,000+ members
  • Added over 2,000 new Student Members
  • Added the following features to the Member Portal:
    • online ordering for CCPA publications
    • online enrollment for CCPA Chapters
    • online printing of CEC transcripts
  • Removed the vulnerable sector criminal record check requirement as it was getting more difficult for members to obtain.
  • Met with the certification committee many times to discuss changes and presented them to the Board of Directors
  • Met with different companies to see how we can make our forms more user-friendly and simple.
  • Hired more registrars to help with the increasing demand
  • Opened our Supervisor designation to members that are not CCC, but part of a regulatory body and meeting all the CCS designation requirements
  • Certified over 900 members in 2023
Member Services
  • Offered free professional development sessions for members on the transition to virtual care including e-counselling, e-supervision and liability insurance
  • Created a COVID-19 resources page on our website to help members adapt their practice
  • Held our very first virtual AGM, awards ceremony and conference
  • Launched the Thank a Therapist campaign – sent over 600 messages of appreciation to recognize the hard work, dedication and commitment of counsellors and psychotherapists
  • Enhanced CCPA social media presence by revamping some social media handles (such as LinkedIn) and adding a new one (Instagram), resulting in increased engagement and followers
  • Updated our website to ensure continued relevance and ease of use as well as ensure adherence to accessibility requirements
  • Published a new version of the Code of Ethics (2020)
  • An updated version of the Standards of Practice is coming soon!
  • Released an updated version of the Supervision Handbook
  • Published and released Supervision Vignettes

Thank you for your continued support!

You want to know more about these initiatives or have suggestions regarding our member services? Contact us!