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Have you ever wondered what type of work we do for members BEHIND THE SCENES?


It’s been another busy year!

Scroll down for pictures & click on the advocacy, member benefits and supervision-related dropdowns for more information.

  • Launched the Indigenous Continuing Education Credits Program in September.
  • Assisted in efforts to achieve regulation of the profession in Alberta.
  • Continued involvement with FACTS across the country.
  • Third-party billing success with Veterans Affairs Canada whereby CCCs are now eligible to apply as service providers in unregulated provinces.
  • CCPA exhibited at the Independent Financial Brokers Summit and the Extended Human Resources Council meeting on mental health, inclusion and diversity.
  • Recognized and supported a number of national and international special days and weeks by issuing press releases.
  • Presented a webinar to mental health working group members of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association.
  • Supporting and exhibiting at the Families in Canada 2019 Conference hosted by the Vanier Institute of the Family.
  • Launch of the Chapters for Reconciliation Initiative by the Indigenous Circle Chapter and the national Indigenous Director.
  • Launch of third-party billing project by the Manitoba Chapter.
  • Continued advocacy in HST/GST exemption for counselling/psychotherapy services.
  • Continued working with national partners in advancing mental health and wellness including :
Member Benefits
  • Developing a new section in our member portal to assist members with frequently asked questions on Ethics and Standards of Practice.
  • A successful move of National Office to a larger space.
  • Addition of National Office team members to support a steadily increasing membership. We are now at 7000+ members!
  • Partnering with the IAC for the 2019 Conference in Moncton.
  • Revamped our Conference webpage for better functionality.
  • Scheduled more and new webinars for the 2019 season.
  • Secured better professional liability insurance through BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd (BMS Group) to give members access to higher limits and enhanced coverage at no additional cost.
  • Continued to offer a legal advice service to offer certified members 24/7 access to experts in the field.
  • Created new Awards to recognize the significant contributions of our members.
  • Had an in-depth social media consultation and developed a new strategy for increased and meaningful presence moving forward.
  • Development of a Mentorship Program pilot.
  • Growth in the Student Representatives Program: the number of student representatives doubled!
  • Launch of an Ethics Task Group to review and update the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
  • Development of Guidelines od the Uses of Technology in Counselling & Psychotherapy by the Technology and Innovative Solutions Chapter. 
  • Joined the School Counsellors Chapter in celebrating Canadian School Counselling Week in February.

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