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Have you ever wondered what type of work we do for members BEHIND THE SCENES?


It’s been another busy year!

Scroll down for pictures & click on the advocacy, member benefits and supervision-related dropdowns for more information.

Member Benefits
  • Continuing work on a new section in our member portal to assist members with frequently asked questions on Ethics and Standards of Practice that will be aligned with the newest version of our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, due to be published soon.
  • Steadily increasing membership. We are now at 7500+ members!
  • Certified over 700 members and offered approximately 50 members our newer CCC-Q designation, meant to assist members needing the designation but missing some of the supervised practice hours needed.
  • Offering a new expedited route for members who are applying for the CCC designation and need to have their application rushed.
  • Developing a self-assessment tool to help members determine their eligibility to our CCC designation.
  • Developed a new exhibitor & sponsorship kit to bring more value to our annual conference and created an FAQ to answer commonly asked questions about our upcoming conferences.
  • Scheduled more and new webinars for the 2020 season.
  • Increased our coverage & secured lower rates in terms of professional liability insurance through BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd (BMS Group) to give more members access to higher limits and enhanced coverage at a lower or no additional cost.
  • Continued to offer a legal advice service to offer certified members 24/7 access to experts in the field.
  • Updated our Ethical Complaints Procedures Manual and created new complaint forms to streamline complaint processes.
  • Created 2 online ethics courses aligned with our Code of Ethics to assist members in expanding or refreshing their knowledge on this subject.
  • Created new Awards to recognize the significant contributions of our members.
  • Grew our Facebook & Twitter social media platforms by engaging with and sharing content important to members and focusing on generating important discussions and sharing newsworthy information.
  • Continued work by the Ethics Task Group to update the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
  • Continued to refine procedures and processes for our new Indigenous CEC Program.
  • Launch of the Guidelines on the Uses of Technology in Counselling & Psychotherapy by the Technology and Innovative Solutions Chapter.
  • Joined the School Counsellors Chapter in celebrating Canadian School Counselling Week in February.
  • Added information to the clinical supervision in counselling section of our website and created new sections with a framework only accessible to members.
  • Continued to annually sponsor a graduate-level course in clinical supervision at the University of Lethbridge.
  • Certified more Canadian Certified Counsellors – Supervisors and adjusted application and renewal requirements to ensure the certification is more attainable and maintainable for members.
  • Launched a pilot learning module on models and modalities of clinical supervision to offer more continuing education opportunities to members on this topic.

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