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There are several Chapters within CCPA, representing various Regional or Interest groups.

Many members belong to one or more Chapters depending on their field of work, their location or their interests.

When you become a member of a Chapter, you receive email updates from them in regards to events, advancements in the field and many other information items. You join a community of like-minded practitioners and have the opportunity to connect on topics that matter to you. During conferences, you also have the chance to meet and work together on issues involving that Chapter’s particular mission.

There is an additional fee to be part of a Chapter. Call the National office for more details on how to join (Toll free: 1-877-765-5565).

Chapters are refundable up to 30 days after initial purchase.

Chapter President Board liaison Annual fee
Alberta & NWT Chapter Nicholas Renaud Kevin Alderson $10
Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling Chapter Eileen Bona Vacant $10
British Columbia Chapter Richard Tatomir Michael Towers $20
Career Counsellors Chapter Jen Davies Sylvie Desjardins $15
Climate-Informed Counsellors Chapter Trevor Lehmann Corrine Hendricken-Eldershaw $10
Counsellor Educators and Supervisors Chapter Kelly Brenton Angelica Germanese $20
Creative Arts in Counselling and Psychotherapy Chapter Lorelei Dietz & Rachel Norris Vacant $15
Indigenous Circle Chapter Carla Pauls Vacant $10
Manitoba Chapter Charu Gupta Vacant $10
National Capital Region Chapter Leslie Walker Vacant $15
Nova Scotia Chapter Jean Blackler Tanya Surette $10
Post-Secondary Counsellors Chapter Danni Lei Janis Campbell $10
Private Practitioners Chapter Paul Yeung Dawn Horner-Wilson $10
School Counsellors Chapter Janice Graham-Migel Kaitlyn Munn $15
Social Justice Chapter Vacant Vacant $10
Spirituality in Counselling Chapter Monica Verbosky Michael Towers $15
Technology and Innovative Solutions Chapter Andrea Rivera Vicki-Anne Rodrigue $15
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Contact a Chapter board member

Please choose which Chapter you are interested in contacting to send them a message.

Forming a Chapter

To find out how to form a Chapter, please refer to our Consitution and Bylaws.

Form a Chapter

The CCPA Chapter Support Fund is available to provide additional funding to Chapters for proposed projects.

Are you an existing CCPA Chapter looking for funding? Fill out the form below to apply!

Chapter Support Fund Application Form / Formulaire d’application au fonds d’aide aux Sections

Name of the Chapter requesting the funding and names of any partner associations or supportive individuals / Nom de la Section demandant le financement, y compris les noms de tout organisme, partenaire ou donateur individuel.
Name of Contact Person / Nom de la personne contact(Required)
Of Chapter representative making the request / De la personne qui représente la Section soumettant la demande
Benefits of the Project / Avantages du projet(Required)
Evidence of how the proposed project will benefit the profession, practitioners themselves and/or their clients / Expliquez les avantages du projet proposé pour la profession, les praticiens, eux-mêmes, et leurs clients.
History of activities undertaken prior to application for funding / Historique des actions prises avant la demande de financement(Required)
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 500 MB.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 500 MB.
      Must clearly indicate how the funds will advance the cause of the CCPA Chapter / Vous devez clairement indiquer de quelle façon les fonds permettront-ils de faire progresser la cause de la Section de l’ACCP.
      Must align with CCPA’s ethics, mission, and services / Ce plan doit être compatible avec le code d’éthique, la mission et les services de l’ACCP.
      Drop files here or
      Max. file size: 500 MB.
        Max. file size: 500 MB.
        Time frame of expenditures / Échéancier des dépenses(Required)