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There are several Chapters within CCPA, representing various Regional or Interest groups.

Many members belong to one or more Chapters depending on their field of work, their location or their interests. When you become a member of a Chapter, you receive email updates from them in regards to events, advancements in the field and many other information items. You join a community of like-minded practitioners and have the opportunity to connect on topics that matter to you. During conferences, you also have the chance to meet and work together on issues involving that Chapter’s particular mission.

There is an additional fee to be part of a Chapter. Call the National office for more details on how to join (Toll free: 1-877-765-5565).

Chapters are refundable up to 30 days after initial purchase.

ChapterPresidentBoard liaisonAnnual fee
Alberta & NWT ChapterNicholas RenaudBlythe Shepard$10
Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling ChapterJoan Conrad (Interim)Siri Brown$10
British Columbia ChapterTammy LeeSiri Brown$20
Career Counsellors ChapterRebecca Hudson BreenNicola Sherwin-Roller$15
Counsellor Educators and Supervisors ChapterLeah LewisLiette Goyer$20
Creative Arts in Counselling and Psychotherapy ChapterRowena TamLeah Lewis$15
Indigenous Circle ChapterCathrine Chambers$10
Manitoba ChapterKrysti DediLori Rudniski$10
National Capital Region ChapterMarie-Claude LerouxCynthia Schoppmann$15
Nova Scotia ChapterNick ZwaagstraGeorge Maringapasi$10
Post-Secondary Counsellors ChapterJen Davies$10
Private Practitioners ChapterCorrine Hendricken-EldershawCarrie Foster$10
School Counsellors ChapterLisa ZanykAndrea Garland$15
Social Justice ChapterMichelle KennedyMeredith Henry$10
Spirituality in Counselling ChapterCathy UnderhillRabeea Siddique$15
Technology and Innovative Solutions ChapterLinda RomboughSerge Hall$15

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The Chapters

Each CCPA Chapter has a special relationship with a CCPA Board member who has agreed to become a Chapter liaison. This system is intended to provide a two-way information conduit between the Chapter and the Board.

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Chapter Support Fund

At the May 2011 Board of Directors Meeting the creation of a Chapter Support Fund was discussed. This discussion resulted from a Chapter Presidents’ meetings, where some Chapters requested increased support from CCPA for Chapter initiatives.

chapter support fund