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CCPA 2023 Conference – Unpacking for Equity’s Sake

We’re going to Toronto! The City of Toronto’s motto is “Diversity, Our Strength”.

Join counselling and psychotherapy colleagues from across the country to unpack our understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices and their influence in the counselling relationship and professional development. Be inspired and encouraged to move towards equity and justice in the healing process.

This Conference:

  • One day event at the InterContinental Toronto Centre Hotel
  • Adjacent to the American Counseling Association’s Conference & Expo
  • The ACA’s conference is at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, March 30 to April 2.
  • Remote learning options will be also be available
  • Registration will open in October!
Click here to check out this video about Toronto and make sure you mark your calendar for March 29, 2023 for this special offer!

Our conference aims to:

  • Develop the field of counselling in Canada
  • Facilitate the professional development of people working in the field
  • Promote the exchange of theories and research in counselling
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas and information among delegates, as well as between delegates and the CCPA Board of Directors
  • Reunite professionals that use over 70 different titles in the counselling and psychotherapy field across the country and provide an opportunity for them to participate in an event that is tailored to their needs and gathers an otherwise diverse & dispersed group of people together once a year




Meet Other Counsellors & Psychotherapists Who:

Counselors who work in other fields image - healthcare and education settings, diverse backgrounds, come from different areas, different career stages, and work with different populations

Attendees typically work in:

  • Employment and Career Development

  • Education (School Counsellors & Counsellor Educators)

  • Employment Assistance Programs (EAPs)

  • Public Service Agencies & Government (Federal, Provincial & Municipal)

  • Hospitals & Clinics

  • Multidisciplinary Teams

  • Private Practice

Questions? Contact us:

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