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Education 5850
Counselling Supervision: Theory and Practice
Fall 2024


The University of Lethbridge, in conjunction with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), is offering a master’s-level course in counselling supervision for qualified individuals


Students who are eligible to take the course must:

  •  be a Canadian Certified Counsellor in good standing with CCPA
  •  hold a minimum of five years of clinical experience as a practicing counsellor/psychotherapist or equivalent relevant experience
  •  be engaged in a supervisory role (i.e., providing supervision to counsellors-in-training or counsellors-in-practice)
  •  have no active ethical complaints under investigation
  •  possess personal liability insurance

Course Description:

This course focuses on fundamental issues in the theory and practice of clinical supervision, including: models of supervision, the supervision relationship, the impact of culture and diversity and personal factors on supervision, supervision techniques and practices, evaluation, and legal/ethical considerations in supervision. Students will develop supervisory attitudes and knowledge that will support their role in supervisory relationships.

Course Expectations:

Students can expect to spend 6 to 8 hours per week working on the course. This would include time spent on readings, posting in discussion forums, engaging in self-study, etc. Time spent on assignments would be additional. Engagement in the course each week is required.

Course Delivery:

The course is offered in an online format via Moodle. Most weeks will involve participation in online course forums and small group partner work via Skype. Students progress through the weekly lessons of the course together, however students have the flexibility within the week to work at times that are convenient for them. Frequent and regular participation throughout the week is a requirement (i.e., online every other day at minimum).

CCPA Permission:

Permission of the CCPA is required to register in the course. Email [email protected] for information.
NOTE: This course does NOT automatically result in the attainment of the Canadian Certified Counsellor – Supervisor (CCS) designation. Individuals must apply for CCS designation in the usual manner.

Request for obtaining CCPA permission should be submitted to the CCPA by May 31st, 2024.


The course runs from September 4, 2024 to December 9, 2024. The Fall term ends December 20, 2024.


The cost of registration for the course is approximately $1,000, including miscellaneous fees (Student Administrative Fees, Graduate Student Association Fees, Registration Fees, etc.). Students outside the Lethbridge area may request a refund for UPASS. We recommend you wait to settle your Cash Office account until we have had an opportunity to apply your UPASS refund (if applicable). You will receive an email from us regarding this.
Note: This is separate from the non-refundable $140 application fee ($60 registration fee/$80 tuition deposit), which MUST be paid to initiate your registration in the course. Instructions on how/when to pay for your course will be provided in your Registration Information email.

Registration Information:

You must be approved by the CCPA to register in the course. The CCPA will provide the University of Lethbridge with the list of approved individuals, who will be contacted with instructions for registering in the course. A non-refundable $140 application fee ($60 registration fee and $80 tuition deposit) is required at time of registration. Additional information will be provided upon approval by CCPA and successful registration.

Related mandatory Course:

All individuals completing courses at the University of Lethbridge must complete the Understanding and Responding to Sexual Violence: Level One virtual course.


CCPA – to request permission to take the course and related inquiries email [email protected]
University of Lethbridge – if you have already been approved by CCPA and have registration inquiries email [email protected]