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We are a national/bilingual organization dedicated to the enhancement of the counselling and psychotherapy profession in Canada

  • We are an association of professionally trained counsellors and psychotherapists engaged in the helping professions.

  • Our members work in many diverse fields of education, employment and career development, social work, business, industry, mental health, public service agencies, government and private practice.

  • Established in 1965, we (CCPA) were originally called the Canadian Guidance and Counselling Association (CGCA). We have been providing leadership and promotion to the counselling and psychotherapy professions ever since.

  • We develop and cultivate formal and informal relationships with similar health and mental health organizations in Canada and internationally.

  • We have several Chapters, which represent specialized interest groups in counselling and psychotherapy and offer an opportunity for those members to meet and advocate for their specialized interests.

  • In striving to fulfill our mandate, we promote policies and practices which support the provision of accessible, competent, and accountable counselling and psychotherapy services throughout the human lifespan, and in a manner sensitive to the pluralistic nature of society.

  • We strive to understand the needs of the diverse community of counsellors and psychotherapists in Canada and aspire to be inclusive in our membership and to being a strong voice for the promotion of counselling & psychotherapy.

  • We are continually upgrading our services for our members, through exclusive educational programs, certifications, and professional development and networking opportunities.

  • We offer the opportunity for members to network with other counsellors and psychotherapy from across the globe, in order to exchange ideas and best practices, provide mutual support and promote professional development.

Our Board of Directors is dedicated to helping you stay up to date on the counselling and psychotherapy community.

Meet Your Representatives

Your 2021 - 2023 Board of Directors
Your 2021 – 2023 Board of Directors

Standing Committees

To help with its work, the CCPA Board of Directors has various Standing Committees, each with a specific mandate defined by the Board.

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National Office

Have you called or emailed us before? Chances are you heard back from someone at our National Office, located in Ottawa, Ontario. Get to know our team and divisions here!

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Constitution & Bylaws

These rules outline the Association’s governance.



We collaborate closely with all of our partners.


Annual & Financial Reports

We track our accomplishments and financial health every year. Find out how we are doing!


Get to know us better

In celebration of our 50th anniversary in 2015, we looked back on what CCPA has accomplished since it was first created back in 1965.