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Our Road to Reconciliation, the CCPA, works towards being responsive to our members, prospective members, staff, and leadership to grow our understanding of our commitments to the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and our decolonization work. This page works to identify resources and opportunities in connection with our Indigenous communities and their voices.

Reconciliation in Action

Please click below to learn more about our Reconciliation efforts. 

Monthly Recommended Educational Indigenous Resources

National Center for Truth and Reconciliation Week 2023

Phyllis Webstad on Orange Shirt Day and the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

Staff training based on the book: “It’s All About The Land: Collected Talks and Interviews on Indigenous Resurgence”

If you want to go deeper, you can also consult the following list of Educational Indigenous Resources.  

Our Indigenous Community

Indigenous Director

Meet Charity Fleming, Our Indigenous Board Member


Aanii boozhoo indinawe maaganidog [hello to all my relations].

Anishinaabe kwe indow [I am a life carrier, a woman, of the original peoples – Anishinaabe / Ojibwe].

Anangkwe or Charity ndizhinikaaz [my indigenous spirit name is Anangkwe / Star Woman, my English name is Charity Fleming].

Name ndoodem [my clan is Sturgeon Clan].

Wabauskang First Nation / Sault Ste Marie Ontario / the three great lakes ndoonjibaa besho [I come from around].

Guelph / Belwood Lake ndaa besho [I now live by].


I also identify as having Scottish and Romanian settler origins and following Christian as well as Anishinaabe spiritual practices.

My teachers have included elders, knowledge keepers, professors, family members, and lesson gifters from all of creation. I have a Master of Social work degree and am a Registered Social Worker in Ontario, as well as the 2023 recipient of the Ontario Association of Social Workers Inspirational Leader award.

I have specialized my career within three focus areas: indigenous adapted mental health approaches, treating PTSD, and treating child and adolescent mental health. For my entire career I have prided myself in always working directly within First Nations communities – including 25 different First Nations across Ontario.

I am the CEO and President of a group of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy clinics across Southern Ontario called Qualia Counselling Services. I have been gifted with a wonderful co-owner and non-indigenous ally named Thomas Brown. Together we have built a series of eight clinics that serve indigenous and non-indigenous peoples and has about 100 staff members. We have won awards for our individual, couples and family counselling and teaching and training.

I am also the teaching director of our CBT program offered through Wilfrid Laurier University, Faculty of Social Work. We offer a variety of CBT courses including advanced CBT for Trauma, CBT for Women’s Reproductive Mental Health, and Mikwendaagwad “It is Remembered” Sacred Circle CBT. I am also faculty with Ontario Association of Social Workers and McMaster Michael De Groote School of Medicine.

I look forward to connecting with, hearing, and responding to the needs of our indigenous CCPA members as well as non-indigenous allies. I am honoured to be the Indigenous Director during this term and hope to honour the work done before me while building upon it to move forward the interests of indigenous peoples and community in this role.

Lead, Indigenous Initiatives


Indigenous Circle Chapter

Learn more about the Indigenous Circle Chapter on their page.