The Counsellor Educators and Supervisors Chapter (CES) is one of the oldest chapters of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. It was established very early in the Association’s history, back when the name was still the Canadian Guidance and Counselling Association.

The objectives of the CES Chapter are as follows:

  • To provide an opportunity for counsellor educators and clinical supervisors to meet for discussion of critical issues in teaching, supervision, and research in the area of counsellor education and clinical supervision.
  • To provide a forum for ongoing information exchange and professional development (skill and knowledge based).
  • To serve as a vehicle for lobbying appropriate university departments and facilities, governments and agencies to help counsellor education programs meet their primary goal of preparing professionally competent counsellors.
  • To provide a means by which counsellor educators and clinical supervisors can help one another to develop and obtain research support provincially and federally through increased collaboration.
  • To serve as a direct link with the National Association, thereby providing for the presentation of mutually sought aims and objectives.

These objectives are met in a number ways, including: with the CCPA managed Chapter listserv, the Chapter website, and the hosting of a CES Chapter workshop at each annual national CCPA conference.

Joining the Chapter

All CCPA members are welcomed to join the Counsellor Educators and Supervisors Chapter (CES), under the appropriate category of Chapter membership:

  1. Voting Member. For anyone involved in teaching or clinical supervision of individuals preparing to become professional counsellors and in the professional development of counsellors across the career span (e.g., entry to practice, mid-career, and beyond) and in diverse academic and non-academic work settings. Retired counsellor educators and clinical supervisors are also welcomed as members.
  2. Student Member. For anyone currently registered in a doctoral degree program in counselling or a related field. Students are non-voting members.
  3. Associate Member. For anyone else wanting to join the Counsellor Educators and Supervisors Chapter who do not meet the requirements of voting members.

The annual fee for Voting Members and Associate Members is $20. There is no fee for Student Members.

For more details on how to join the Counsellor Educators and Supervisors Chapter, please call the National office (Toll free:1-877-765-5565).

Chapter Executive

PresidentMichael Sorsdahl
Past-PresidentLeah Lewis
Secretary / TreasurerGillian Smith
President-ElectBreanna Lawrence
Director Counsellor-EducatorsGina Ko
Director of SupervisionBlythe Shepard
Doctoral Student LiaisonVacant
Chapter LiaisonLiette Goyer
Board LiaisonSylvie Arseneau

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Constitution and By-laws

The Chapter’s bylaws are a set of rules that control the actions of its members and govern the internal management of the Chapter.

Webinar: Counsellor Educators Chapter: Who are we?

An informative webinar on the Counsellor Educators and Supervisors Chapter was presented by the executive of the Chapter themselves in 2018. This webinar is free and you can have access to the recording here. A webinar focused on clinical supervisors will be available soon.


Members from the Counsellor Educators and Supervisors chapter have volunteered to make themselves available for consultation on a range of clinical and research issues. Click here for the current list of available consultants, and their contact information.


The Doctoral Student Dissemination Award is awarded by the Counsellor Educators and Supervisors Chapter.