The objectives of the National Capital Region (NCR) Chapter are to provide professional development and networking opportunities for members working or studying in the counselling and psychotherapy fields. The NCR membership represents a wide variety of backgrounds and areas of specialty. In order to promote community involvement, chapter meetings are advertised at different social agencies, colleges, universities, and private practitioners’ offices. The NCR executive officers hold events in English at Saint Paul University, inviting counselling and psychotherapy practitioners and counselling and psychotherapy students to attend for the purpose of professional development and networking and to become members of CCPA.

The NCR chapter holds monthly speaker series presentations that offer local presenters of high calibre and expertise from the counseling and psychotherapy community. Typically, the 90-minute lecture is followed by group discussion for 30 minutes. Each year, the topics and speakers are predetermined from the collective suggestions of the participants and the membership of the Board of Directors.

Also, there are three full day workshops, which are held in the Fall, Winter and Spring. CCPA members who participate in the workshops and monthly speaker series presentations may apply for continuing educational units (CEC’s) required for maintaining certification. The chapter invites all members to attend the Annual General Meeting held in May of every year. The list of presentations scheduled for the current year is available on the CCPA website.

A new professional development activity called the Self-Care Day began in 2016 and is scheduled to be held in September each year as a full day focus on Self-Care.  We encourage all of our membership to take advantage of this event.  More details will be available on this website.

In addition, there are networking opportunities with the Student Social at University of Ottawa in September and the Winter Social in January.  Again, more details soon to come.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Chapter Executive and Directors

PresidentLindsey Thomson
President-ElectMichael Machan
Past PresidentMichael Machan
SecretaryJordan Houlton
TreasurerNicholas Renaud
Workshop RegistrarMarie-Claude Leroux
DirectorVicki-Anne Rodrigue
DirectorSigny Fridriksson
DirectorReina McSheffrey
DirectorRuth Coward
DirectorJeanette Rooney-Ozols
DirectorSuzanne More Kerr
DirectorJacqui Synard
DirectorMarie Josee Chabot
DirectorErinn Brown
Board LiaisonNicholas Renaud and Vicki-Anne Rodrigue
Student LiaisonMelanie Morin
Student LiaisonBradley Daly

Application Form

All those interested in joining the Chapter Executive or Board are encouraged to submit an application.

Constitutions and Bylaws

The Chapter’s bylaws are a set of rules that control the actions of its members and govern the internal management of the Chapter.


The Chapter brochure provides information regarding the Chapter. For printed copies, please contact the National Office.

2016-2017 Schedule of Educational Events, NCR Chapter – CCPA

Counsellors and those in related fields are cordially invited to attend the NCR Chapter – Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association’s 2015-2016 Professional Development Speaker Presentation Series as outlined below. Full and half-day workshops (advanced registration and registration fee) are also offered (see attached flyers).

To access the student rate, please email your proof of student status to karina at [email protected]

TIME:              Wednesday Evenings, 5:30 to 7:30 PM (2 hours = 2 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) per meeting)

LOCATION:   Saint Paul University, 223 Main St., Ottawa, ON, Amphitheatre (Please note that Saint Paul University’s evening parking rates apply; see www.ustpaul.ca for details. Free parking may be available on neighbouring streets.

(In addition, please note that the Main Street construction may impact your travel time and your parking options.)

Sept. 14          Yoga for Mental Health: Supporting a path to happiness through the science of Yoga,

by Lucille Villaseñor-Caron, MSW

This presentation will focus on increasing awareness and understanding of the specific benefits when incorporating Yoga into a psychotherapeutic session in working with people seeking to overcome mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and/or structural challenges.

Sept. 24          NCR Chapter Self-Care Day

Time: 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM (plus optional afternoon activities)
Location: Chateau-Cartier Hotel, 1170 Aylmer Road, Gatineau, Quebec
Cost: $10.00
More information

Oct. 19            Readying Your Clients for Change, by Dr. Laura Nichols

This presentation will introduce participants to the trans-theoretical model of change and will discuss why clients experience difficulty when considering and taking on change. Experiential and behavioural strategies to aid and address change will be reviewed, and barriers to change will be identified.

Nov. 5             FALL FULL-DAY WORKSHOP:   Understanding and Building Resilience in the Client and the Therapist,

by Kafui Sawyer, RP (See flyer)

Click here to register.

Nov. 16           Helping Clients Overcome Emotional Eating, by Lynne Therrien, RP

This presentation aims at helping participants understand the symptoms and causes of emotional eating. Participants will learn to identify the resistance factors, practical interventions to support clients who are emotionally eating, and the application of assessment and techniques with the use of a case study.

Dec. 7              The Rocky Road to Reconciliation: The Curious case of the intergroup apology and its (messy) link to forgiveness, by Dr. Michael Wohl

In this presentation, participants will learn when and why collective apologies often fail to yield intergroup forgiveness. A staircase model of collective apology effectiveness will be presented, which will help participants learn the steps required before an apology is offered.

Jan. 18            Understanding Hoarding and Treatments for Hoarding, by Stéphanie Yamin, PhD

This presentation will include understanding what hoarding is and interventions that therapists can use to assist clients.  The presentation will focus on a pilot project completed in 2016 on the Treatment of Hoarding.

Click here for the presentation.

Feb. 15           A Comprehensive Approach to Bullying Prevention, by Angela Lorusso, M.Ed.

Angela Lorusso is the developer of the multi award winning WOCRC The Bullying Prevention Program, a community based initiative. This presentation, using an evidence informed approach, will increase participants’ capacity to effectively and consistently support, report, and respond to bullying situations.

Mar. 4             WINTER FULL-DAY WORKSHOP:   Expressive Arts in Therapy, by Darlene Kuehn RP (See flyer)

Click here to register.

Mar. 22           E-Mental Health: Using Technology for Treatment, by Dr. Simon Hatcher

This presentation aims to help participants to understand the current role and effectiveness of technology in the field of mental health treatment, ethics and practice of providing telephone or video counselling via a private practice avenue and learn about websites or technologies that are available for client’s.

Apr. 19           Taming That Wild Horse:  Helping Cancer Survivors Manage Their Fear of Cancer Recurrence,

by Dr. Sophie Lebel

This presentation serves to gain an understanding of what fear of cancer recurrence is, its course over time and consequences, become familiar with a theoretical model of fear of cancer for therapeutic goals with each patient and learn about an intervention for fear of cancer recurrence, including some practical exercises.

Click here to see the presentation.

Apr. 29           SPRING FULL-DAY WORKSHOP:   SCHEMA FOCUSED THERAPY, by Monica Forst, CCC, RP (See flyer)

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May 10           Violence Risk Assessment – Taking You backstage to Learn about a Structured Assessment Process,

by Dr. Lauren Evans

At this presentation, participants will learn about structured approaches to determine whether individuals are at risk for becoming violent, and will be better equipped to identify warning signs.




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