Board members

Position Name
President Vacant
President-Elect Vacant
Past-President Richard Tatomir
Board Liaison (Representative for FACTBC) Priscilla Coleff / Richard Tatomir
Board Liaison (Regional Director BC-YK) Michael Towers
Treasurer Paul Yeung
Secretary Vacant
Director Lisa Cavey
Director Ernest Chen
Director Priscilla Coleff
Director Dean Diamond
Director Shriti Mitra
Director Vacant

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The BC Chapter has existed since 1976, with their first constitution having been developed and passed by the National Board in 1979. Since then, this Chapter has established a professional development speakers’ series, created a student representative program that has been adopted nationwide within CCPA, and established a listserv open to all BC counsellors. They have also been working with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, towards the goal of forming a College of Counselling Therapists within BC. In 2000, the BC Chapter established a student representative program to help increase student membership. Student representatives have provided liaison between their respective counselling graduate programs and the BC Chapter. The student representatives forward information about CCPA and the activities of the BC Chapter (such as Professional Development activities and Task Group updates) to their university listservs, answer questions from other students about CCPA membership, and work with other BC Chapter board members on various committees. The BC Chapter executive has benefited tremendously from this initiative as many of their student representatives have stayed on the board once they graduated from their programs of study. In 2002, the CCPA National Board also adopted the student representative program across Canada. The Chapter established a BC-wide listserv in 2002. This initiative has resulted in an important increase in communication among BC members. The listserv has become a valuable tool to share ideas and send out notices for professional development opportunities.

Constitution and By-Laws

The Chapter’s bylaws are a set of rules that control the actions of its members and govern the internal management of the Chapter.

List Server

Purpose The purpose of the BC Chapter CCPA listserv is to facilitate relevant communication among Chapter members. Sending to the List To send a message to the list, address your text-only e-mail to BC Chapter President. Message Content Policy Messages must address topics and issues that are relevant to BC Chapter (e.g., If the content of the message would be more appropriately viewed on the national CCPA listserv, please send your message to Andreea, the CCPA Member Services Coordinator, not to the BC Chapter listserv.) Messages containing the following subject matter are appropriate for the BC Chapter listserv:

  • Counselling-related employment opportunities in BC
  • Requests for counselling-related employment opportunities in BC
  • Conferences, workshops, and/or training events held in BC or Alberta
  • Clinical or ethical issues, requests for expertise or opinion
  • Products or services for counsellors that may benefit BC Chapter members or their clients

Messages containing the following subject matter are NOT appropriate for the BC Chapter listserv:

  • Case consultation (to eliminate the risk of accidental breach of confidentiality)
  • Any topic that is unrelated to counselling
  • Any topic that is unrelated to the members of the BC Chapter of CCPA

Please make every effort to follow these policies. If you have any questions or concerns about the listserv, please contact Siri Brown. Currently the list is closed (members post to the BC Chapter Board, who post, through CCPA , to the list) *************** The British Columbia Chapter list is intended as a forum of discussion and information exchange for clinical counsellors in British Columbia. Please note that it is an open, unmoderated mailing list (there is no active moderator who screens messages before they are posted). Postings are required to comply with the requirements listed above. Any opinions, requests or commentary expressed in any posting are those of the sender and do not necessarily reflect those of the CCPA, the British Columbia Chapter of the CCPA, any board member or any regular member of the CCPA.


The Bev Abbey Service Award is awarded by the British Columbia Chapter.