Mission Statement

To provide a forum for discussion and action related to local, national and international environmental issues in counselling and psychotherapy and support progressive initiatives addressing the climate-crisis.

To register for the Chapter, please contact [email protected]

To contact the Chapter, please email [email protected]

Trevor Lehmann


Véronique Livermore


Lily Jiménez-Dabdoub

Communications Liaison

Nancy Blair

Director at Large

Julia Clarke

Director at large

Susan Dempsey

Director at large

Natalie Thomas

Director at large

Patti Lott

Director at large

Danielle McCann

Student Liason

Future Events

CCPA Counselling and Psychotherapy Month events

April 17th @ 12pm: Wielding the Sword and Shield: Career Development & Climate Justice – Trevor Lehmann https://crm.ccpa-accp.ca/public/event/details/4d819966e0978f92b8ae4ad06a0b29e8900ffbd5/1

April 18th @ 12pm: Working with Youth as a Climate-Informed Counsellor – Julia Clarke & Nancy Blair https://crm.ccpa-accp.ca/public/event/details/bc91ddd5eb67f65f1b8f5070aa61a106089ada4d/1


CCPA Annual Conference

June 1st @ 10:30am: Cli-mate: An ExpressART Workshop for Eco-Aware Counsellors – Lily Jimenez-Dabdoub https://www.ccpa-accp.ca/ccpa-annual-conference/

June 1st @ 3pm: Climate-Informed Counselling Across the Lifespan – Julia Clarke & Trevor Lehmann https://www.ccpa-accp.ca/ccpa-annual-conference/

Constitution and By-laws

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