History and Mission

In response to a series of conversations with Canadian mental health practitioners who employ the intentional use of dance, drama, art, photographs, music and/or creative writing in their practice, this chapter was formed within the Canadian Counselling Association for counsellors who use the arts in the counselling approach and for those who identify as Creative Arts Therapists.

This chapter provides a tangible forum through which mental health practitioners who employ the use of the arts in/as therapy can engage in open dialogue on issues pertaining to training, research, and practice. This chapter can also serve as a vehicle for lobbying appropriate university departments and facilities, governments and agencies to meet their goal of preparing competent counsellors by providing education on the variance between the arts in counselling and the arts as therapy.

The Creative Arts in Counselling Chapter was approved by the CCPA Board of Directors at its May 2003 meeting. A provisory CAC Board was formed and a mandate and by-laws were completed.

Shea Wood

Shea Wood

Shea Wood is a Drama Therapist, Certified Canadian Counsellor, and Ph.D. candidate based in Montreal QC. As part of her Ph.D. studies at Concordia University, Shea is conducting research on how performances based on lived experience can be used to support, educate and heal families. Shea has diverse interests in applying drama and performance to human functioning, healing, and personal growth.

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Renée Saurette

Director of Communications

Sonomi Tanaka

Sonomi Tanaka

Sonomi Tanaka is a graduate from Concordia University’s Art Therapy master’s program and is a professional certified member with CCPA. She has experience working in art therapy with children and in long-term geriatric care. She is particularly passionate about working with children with clinical interests in play, mindfulness, attachment and trauma theory.  She is a resident of Toronto and is currently working towards creating affordable art therapy programs for marginalized families and children.

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Gabrielle Gingras


Gabrielle is a licensed teacher, artist, art-therapist (M.A.), member of the Quebec Art Therapy association (AATQ) and founding member of Canevas art therapy Centre in Montreal.  Her goal as an art therapist is to support individuals and groups in achieving emotional and psychological well-being through creativity and art. Her therapeutic approach is drawn primarily from narrative and humanistic values, which acknowledges individuals and groups as the authors and creative forces of their experiences.  She is committed to working with adults, the elderly population, recent immigrants to Quebec, and is especially experienced in working with children who have mental health issues and/or developmental delays.

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John Driscoll

Board Liaison

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Leah Lewis

Special Projects Coordinator

Philiana Wong

Professional Resource Database Coordinator

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Idalid Posada

Professional Association Liaison
Idalid Posada

Idalid is currently moving from Montreal, QC to Victoria, BC where she plans to continue her career as a psychotherapist, Creative Arts therapist and Drama Therapist. Her goal is to help individuals, families and groups coping with different life challenges by using verbal and nonverbal processes and techniques such as story-making and storytelling, myths and fairy tales, movement, embodiment, personification, active and experiential methods. Working with creative processes and techniques enhance transformation, healing as well as a sense of connection, integration and self-actualization. It allows accessing the conscious and the unconscious and the body and mind as a unit. Idalid is currently involved in the CAC chapter as a professional liaison member and in NADTA as part of the Diversity committee.

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Provincial Representatives

The Creative Arts in Counselling chapter aims to have members meet and share their knowledge and experiences in using the creative arts in their counselling practice. Provincial representatives take on the role of keeping their ear to the ground of what is going on in their province and letting our members know of any events, training opportunities or gathering members to meet. The CAC chapter offers chapter representatives a small monetary incentive to help you run your meeting. If you are interested in filling a vacant position, contact the chapter president.

British Columbia Provincial Rep.Jennifer Marchand
Alberta Provincial Rep.Philiana Wong
Saskatchewan Provincial Rep.Nicola Sherwin-Roller
Manitoba Provincial Rep.Darci Adam
Ontario Provincial RepSandra Grew
Quebec Provincial Rep.Noriko Baba
Yukon/Nunavut Territorial Rep.Louise Hardy
Atlantic Provinces Rep.Amy Mackenzie

Constitution and Bylaws

The Chapter’s bylaws are a set of rules that control the actions of its members and govern the internal management of the Chapter.


The CAC Chapter Brochure contains information regarding the Chapter. To order printed copies, please contact the National Office.

Professional Development Activities

The Advanced Intensive Creative Arts Therapy Certificate Program Schedule

The Advanced Intensive Creative Arts Therapy Certificate Program has published their 2014 / 2015 schedule.


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