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History and Mission

In response to a series of conversations with Canadian mental health practitioners who employ the intentional use of dance, drama, art, photographs, music and/or creative writing in their practice, this chapter was formed within the Canadian Counselling Association for counsellors who use the arts in the counselling approach and for those who identify as Creative Arts Therapists.

This chapter provides a tangible forum through which mental health practitioners who employ the use of the arts in/as therapy can engage in open dialogue on issues pertaining to training, research, and practice. This chapter can also serve as a vehicle for lobbying appropriate university departments and facilities, governments and agencies to meet their goal of preparing competent counsellors by providing education on the variance between the arts in counselling and the arts as therapy.

The Creative Arts in Counselling Chapter was approved by the CCPA Board of Directors at its May 2003 meeting. A provisory CAC Board was formed and a mandate and by-laws were completed.

Gabrielle Gingras


Gabrielle is a licensed teacher, artist, art-therapist (M.A.), member of the Quebec Art Therapy association (AATQ) and founding member of Canevas art therapy Centre in Montreal.  Her goal as an art therapist is to support individuals and groups in achieving emotional and psychological well-being through creativity and art. Her therapeutic approach is drawn primarily from narrative and humanistic values, which acknowledges individuals and groups as the authors and creative forces of their experiences.  She is committed to working with adults, the elderly population, recent immigrants to Quebec, and is especially experienced in working with children who have mental health issues and/or developmental delays.

[email protected]

Renée Saurette

Director of Communications

Sonomi Tanaka

Sonomi Tanaka

Sonomi Tanaka is a graduate from Concordia University’s Art Therapy master’s program and is a professional certified member with CCPA. She has experience working in art therapy with children and in long-term geriatric care. She is particularly passionate about working with children with clinical interests in play, mindfulness, attachment and trauma theory.  She is a resident of Toronto and is currently working towards creating affordable art therapy programs for marginalized families and children.

[email protected]

Hailey Tallman

Hailey Tallman

Hailey is an art-therapist (M.A.), member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association, and creator of Art Therapy In Action in London, Ontario.  She believes that everyone is creative and has something unique to offer to the world.  Her mission is to take us beyond being consumers to getting in touch with our creative selves, our deep need for belonging, and thereby contributing to and elevating our communities to our higher callings as creative beings on this planet.

Hailey spent 2016 working as an art therapist with children in an orphanage in Guatemala. She is currently offering Intention Witness workshops and building her art therapy practice in London, Ontario, while also volunteering in the community art studio called “The New School of Colour”. She is passionate about using art as a therapeutic tool to help populations who need non-verbal outlets to explore their lived experiences. She especially loves working with children, women, and refugees.

[email protected]

Honoré France-Rodriguez

Special Projects Coordinator
Honoré France-Rodriguez

Dr. Honoré France is from the Ani-yun-wiwa First Nation and a Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies at the University of Victoria (Counselling Psychology Program).  He primarily teaches courses in diversity, group processes, and creative arts therapy.  His current research and teaching interests are reconciliation and residential schools, cross-cultural issues, eco-psychology, and spirituality. He has presented scholarly papers in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia, and has written several books on counselling issues and practices including Diversity, Culture and Counselling: A Canadian Perspective, 2nd Edition (Brush Education), Nexus: Transpersonal Approach to Groups (published in Chinese and English) and The Circle: Group Processes, Facilitation, and Cultural Empowerment (Academic Press). He is presently a visiting professor at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; he is currently finishing a book titled Cultural Creative Arts Therapy for Groups.

Melody Newcomb

Database Coordinator
Melody Newcomb

Melody Newcomb is an accredited music therapist (MTA) and music educator who recently completed an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has worked with adolescents in a variety of settings: residential treatment, schools, and currently in an outpatient eating disorder program as well as a community counselling centre. She also works with adults in hospital and the community living with mental health issues. She uses the arts to help clients and patients express and embody their own story and strengths. She is humbled to be a witness to the struggle of clients and supports their resilience and recovery. Play and creativity in a safe and accepting container are at the heart of her practice.

Rowena Tam

Communications Specialist
Rowena Tam

Rowena Tam is a Master’s Candidate in Drama Therapy at Concordia University. She has past experience volunteering in art therapy with children with ASD, and working with children and adolescents within arts education. Rowena has directed, devised and performed in theatrical productions in Toronto with training in movement, voice and improvisation. She hopes to use drama therapy to work with people from marginalized communities and continue to explore the concepts of power, privilege and oppression in an inclusive and culturally sensitive space.

Constitution and Bylaws

The Chapter’s bylaws are a set of rules that control the actions of its members and govern the internal management of the Chapter.


The CAC Chapter Brochure contains information regarding the Chapter. To order printed copies, please contact the National Office.

Professional Development Activities

The Advanced Intensive Creative Arts Therapy Certificate Program Schedule

The Advanced Intensive Creative Arts Therapy Certificate Program has published their 2014 / 2015 schedule.


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