Chapter Executive

ChairMelissa Jay
Past ChairRalph Higgins
Co-Chair ElectRalph Higgins
TreasurerKiraz Johannsen
Secretary/Communications DirectorMelissa Jay
Director-at-LargeKathleen Irvine
Director-at-LargeKathleen Golosky
Director-at-LargeMeaghan Fullerton
Director-at-LargeHeidi Mitton
Director-at-LargeOgueri Ohanaka
Board LiaisonJacqui Synard

Mission Statement

The mission of the Counsellors for Social Justice Chapter of the CCPA is to advocate for social justice and social change through the role of the professional counsellor. The Chapter promotes equity and human rights for individuals and societies through action, education, training, consciousness-raising, advocacy, and conscientious objection. The Chapter is dedicated to working across borders, boundaries, professional disciplines, and differences in the pursuit of peace and wellness for all. As part of the Chapter’s “Counsellors Without Borders” initiative, the Chapter created a wiki website where professional counsellors can search for volunteer opportunities, find social justice resources and exchange information, comments and stories from the field. The Chapter has a long list of objectives, some of which include raising critical consciousness of counsellors and psychotherapists regarding social, structural, systemic, eco-justice, global equity issues, and human rights, promoting education and skills training as well as support for members and encouraging non- partisan advocacy that promotes public, organizational and legislative action related to social justice.

Counsellors for Social Justice

Visit our Chapter’s Website, Counsellors for Social Justice :

We now have an interactive website at, where you can:

  • Search for volunteer opportunities
  • Find social justice resources
  • Exchange information, comments and stories from the field

This is part of our growing ‘Counsellors Without Borders’ initiative– check it out!

Constitution and Bylaws

The Chapter’s bylaws are a set of rules that control the actions of its members and govern the internal management of the Chapter.


The Chapter brochure provides information regarding the Chapter. For printed copies, please contact the National Office


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