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Posted by: Victoria Lorient-Faibish on mai 13, 2011 9:06 am

In order to maintain an excited and fresh perspective on the work you do make sure that you find interesting new books to read or new interesting seminars to take. This is the kind of thing that really stimulates newness and enthusiasm for the work you do currently.

Whenever I feel a bit bored and rather flat in my life I know for sure that I have not taken the time to become excited with a new technique, concept or area of knowledge.  Once I do explore something new I feel a real sense of renewal and a percolation within me.

Clients feel our vibe. They sense when we are bored and they have a knowing when we are not present.  They also sense when we are excited by our career and our work in general.

As a holistic minded person, I take into to account the mind, the body and the soul. I meditate often on the present moment and what it is offering me.
When I meditate I am contemplating the right here and the right now. This mitigates anxiety and depressive feelings that may be lingering about.

I know that hugging a tree may sound hokey but I often will move toward nature and being in natural surroundings as a way to feel renewal and a sense of exploration. During this past weekend I found myself drawn toward going for a long walk/hike in a nearby park in which I focused all of my attention on the new spring nature around me including the brilliant verdant green that was permeating the trees and the grass. The birds seemed to be so excited that the weather was finally a bit warmer. I found myself sitting and observing a mother bird flying back and forth feeding her chicks. Paying close attention to the sounds, the sites and the senses made my whole being wake up and feel alive.

This is what we need periodically to feel that we can cut through the quotidian potential hum drum of routine.

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