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Virtual presentations organized throughout the month of April 2022

Designed to answer the questions we hear most often from counselling and psychotherapy practitioners

Join us for free and low-cost events and get the answers you are looking for while accumulating continuing education credits!

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Hands Counselling

Bonus Recording: Creating Space for Authenticity: Ideas About How to Enhance Inclusivity, for All Clients

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Fireside Chat with Dr. Leroy Little Bear: Elders, Healing and Reconciliation in the Counselling and Psychotherapy Profession

Event Description – 

Healing is a central component to Indigenous worldviews and thought. It is ingrained in the very laws, governance structures and methodologies of Indigenous people organically and since time immemorial. The interference to these processes arrived with colonization and continues to exasperate disparities in Indigenous mental health through continued legislation and policies that structure the practices of mental health delivery. Through the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action, we are called upon to effect change in Canada’s mental health delivery to recognize the value and contributions of Indigenous healing practices and support access to culturally appropriate care that is free of racial discrimination and stereotypes, that promote the building of relationships that support cultural engagement for enhanced mental health outcomes.

Dr Little Bear explores how to create space for Indigenous healing paradigms within the counselling and psychotherapy practices, that engage Indigenous healing paradigms led by Indigenous people.

Presenter Bio – 

Dr LittleBear is a Blackfoot scholar and professor emeritus at the University of Lethbridge; the founding member of Canada’s first Native Studies Department; the founding director for Harvard’s Native American Program and the first Indigenous person to be cited in the Supreme Court of Canada.

Click HERE to access the recording!
Click HERE to access BMS’ briefing paper!

Understanding Counsellor and Psychotherapist Liability Risk with Ms. Tara Scullion, BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd. and Mr. Donal Mulroney, Claims Examiner with Berkley Canada

Event Description – 

How much do you know about counsellor and psychotherapist malpractice claims and regulatory complaints? Join CCPA’s insurance program partners, BMS Canada Risk Services and Berkley Canada, as they review the top areas of liability impacting CCPA members. Ms. Tara Scullion, BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd. will help counsellors and psychotherapists understand the insurance coverage available under the member liability insurance program and how this helps address common areas of liability. Using claims data from the CCPA program, Mr. Donal Mulroney, Claims Examiner with Berkley Canada, will provide an overview of the claims process, including possible outcomes and emerging areas of risk. Learn more about how CCPA has you covered through specialized insurance protection, claims support, and risk management.

Presenter Bios – 

Donal Mulroney
Donal joined Berkley Canada in 2018 and is a claims examiner. Donal handles matters on all lines of Berkley Canada’s business including errors and omissions, directors’ and officers’, technology and cyber, life sciences, employment practices, environmental and commercial general liability. In recent years, Donal has developed expertise in the management of Healthcare program business. Prior to joining Berkley Donal practiced labour and employment law with a large auto manufacturer and worked in the investigations department at a large financial intritution. Donail is a standing member of the Ontatio bar.

Tara Scullion
Tara is a Registered Insurance Broker and Associate Director at BMS, a specialist broker that provides insurance coverage and risk management services to over 500,000 healthcare and regulated professionals across Canada and globally. As leader of the BMS Canada Client Service Team, Tara works closely with CCPA and its members, and plays an integral role in the ongoing development of the CCPA Insurance program. Tara and the BMS team work with CCPA to deliver evidence-based industry data and professional development to counsellor and psychotherapist members across the country.

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The Many Faces of Counselling and Psychotherapy in Canada: Discover CCPA’s Chapters

Event description – 

For counsellors and psychotherapists, joining a community of practice that shares common values, interests and goals within their own professional area of expertise empowers them to better articulate and understand their own role within the specialization. Come meet CCPA’s Chapters representatives and discover what each counselling and psychotherapy specialized community of practice has to offer.

In this meeting, participants will be able to enter breakout rooms for chapters that interest them. They will enter these rooms with a chapter representative that will give them more information and answer their questions. Participants will have multiple opportunities to explore different chapters.

Was live on April 11th – Learn more about our chapters HERE

Small Practice, Big Success: Key Private Business Trends to Watch Out For w/ Lead Partner Owl Practice

Event Description – 

Join Owl Practice’s Director of Sales and Client Service, Hilary Roberts, for an engaging session about the key metrics you should keep track of to drive more small practice business success. During her presentation, she will lead you through some of the top trends in the industry when it comes to session duration, attendance, billing and more! Learn how you can interpret and apply this data to your own practice to benefit your client satisfaction and overall business efficacy.


Hilary is a passionate advocate for mental health both professionally and in her personal life. As a lifelong volunteer, Hilary is thrilled to continue her career with Owl Practice, helping to nurture customer relationships and grow the company’s software to better serve mental health professionals. Hilary is also an active volunteer in the LGBTQ2+ community, leading a support group for women new to coming out.

Click HERE to access the recording!

So You Want to Be a Counsellor? Things to Consider with Dr. Kathy Offet-Gartner, CCPA President

Event Description – 

  • Translating theory to practice
  • What to know when becoming a private practitioner
    • What do you need? (lawyer, marketing, website, etc.)
    • What should you expect?
    • Is this the right choice for you?
  • Knowing where to work and where to start
    • How do you know what you want to do?
    • How do you best situate yourself?
  • Associations and Regulatory Bodies

Presenter bio – 

Kathy has a PhD in Counselling Psychology, is a counsellor at Mount Royal University (Calgary), a counselling educator, mentor, supervisor, writer, researcher, and presenter. Kathy has been a long-term member of CCPA and belongs to several chapters (Career; Counsellor Educators & Supervisors; Social Justice; the Indigenous Circle, as well as the AB/NWT chapter). They have been involved with the latter three chapters since their inception and have served on the Board of the AB/NWT chapter as PD Director, President-Elect, President, and Past-President. At the national level, Kathy served as the Regional Director for AB/NWT from 2015-19, was honoured to serve as President-Elect for 2019-21, and is excited about assuming the role of President for the 2021-2023 term. Recently Kathy had the distinct privilege of being part of the dedicated team who updated CCPA’s current Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, such a wonderful learning opportunity and way to contribute to our profession. Kathy believes strongly in the ethics, values, and mission statement of CCPA and loves the profession of Counselling!

Click HERE to access the recording!

Insurance, Where are We and How are we Doing? with Monika Green, CCPA Director of Public Affairs, and Corrine Hendricken-Eldershaw, CCPA Private Practitioners Chapter President

Event Description – 

We’ve seen increasing inclusion of counselling/psychotherapy services in Canadian health insurance plans in the last decade. Join our introductory session to learn about how health insurance plan coverage works, the current state of their inclusion of counselling/psychotherapy services in Canada, and advocacy strategies to increase coverage for counselling/psychotherapy services and/or your clients.

About the Presenters – 

Monika is CCPA’s Director of Public Affairs and former Certification Registrar. She also currently operates a private practice, and formerly worked at a non-profit counselling agency in the Nation’s capital.

Corrine Hendricken-Eldershaw is the current President of CCPA’s Private Practitioners Chapter and Prince-Edward-Island Provincial Director. She is currently the PEI Provincial Manager of the Canadian Red Cross.

Click HERE to access the recording!

Tea Ceremony w/ Amethyst First Rider

Event Description –  

The Tea Ceremony engages in the relationship between water, plants and the whole spirit of the person in healing and reflection. Join Amethyst First Rider for a moment of tranquility and exploration on our self-care journeys.

Presenter – Amethyst First Rider

Amethyst First Rider is a member of the Kainai Nation, Blackfoot Confederacy, Alberta, Canada and married to Leroy Little Bear. She is a leader in the performing arts community for more that 20 years, producing and directing plays depicting Aboriginal stories and culture. Her experience in the arts has included dance productions, consulting for the University of California, Berkeley’s planetarium, as well as narration and production in the National Film Board’s documentary: Kainayssini Imanistaiswa, The People Go On.  She co-conceived Iniskim an immersive puppet lantern performance celebrating the reintegration of Bison into the natural ecosystem of Banff National Park. She is central to the development and success of The Buffalo: A Treaty of Cooperation, Renewal and Restoration signed by over 30 First Nations and Tribes in Canada and the USA.  It is the biggest modern Treaty amongst First Nations.  Its purpose is to “one again welcome the Buffalo to live among us” and it recognizes “Buffalo as a wild free-ranging animal and as an important of the ecological ecosystem.” She is also a founding-advisor to the Kainai Ecosystem Protection Association.

Was live on April 20th, for more information about this Wellness Challenge contact [email protected]

Public-Facing Webinar: Resilience and Brain Health

Event Description – 

Learn the basics about how your brain works when you feel well and when you’re under stress. Discover strategies that can help with recovery from stress through simple resilience practices that you can use to activate the calming centre of your nervous system.

Presenter Bio – 

Maureen Pollard is a registered social worker with 30 years experience working with individuals, families and groups. She operates a private practice specializing in grief, trauma, and resilience. Maureen is trained in culturally inclusive adult education. She develops and delivers custom seminars and workshops to professionals, volunteers andcommunity groups.

Click HERE to access the recording!

Ethics and Law – Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them with Dr. Michael Sorsdahl, Chair – CCPA Ethics Committee, Complaints Division, and Dr. Glenn Sheppard, CCPA President Emeritus and Ethics Amicus

Event Description –

This 1-hour Ethics Webinar hosted by Glenn Sheppard, CCPA Ethics Amicus, and Michael Sorsdahl,
CCPA Chair of the Ethics Committee – Complaints Division, hosted on the 27 April is designed to look
at the interface of Ethics and Legal requirements, sources of ethical dilemmas and resources to help
practitioners, as well as current and historical counselling challenges from an ethics perspective.
Please come join an information-filled experience designed to help answer some of the more
common and tricky situations in counselling ethics.

Presenter bios –  

Michael Sorsdahl is a registered psychologist and psychotherapist working in British Columbia
with his own company Juvenation Wellness Inc, while also instructing as a sessional instructor at several
universities in their Counselling Psychology programs . He is the current chair of the CCPA Ethics
Committee – Complaints Division and the past-president of the CCPA Counsellor Educator and
Supervisors Chapter.

Dr Glenn Sheppard is President Emeritus of CCPA and is the CCPA Ethics Amicus. He was co-chair of the
committees that created the first comprehensive Code of Ethics for CCPA and its various revisions and the
committee that developed the first CCPA Standards of Practice. Dr Sheppard maintains the regular feature
in Cognica entitled Notebook on Ethics, Standards of Practice , and Legal Issues for Counsellors and
Psychotherapists. He works in private practice

Click HERE to access the recording!

From Margins to Centre: Addiction as a Relational Problem w/ Bonnie Lee PhD from CAMFT

Event Description – 

Addiction has moved from the margins to the centre of our society from the opioid crisis to problem gambling, internet gaming and other behaviours currently under study, such as pornography and shopping. Traditional treatment of addiction has largely focused on the individual. Based on findings from two decades of research, this webinar leads us to shift towards viewing addiction as a relational problem that involves childhood trauma, emotion dysregulation, couple dysfunction and faulty communication that feed into stress overload. The theory, key interventions and significant clinical outcomes of Congruence Couple Therapy, an integrative, humanistic and systemic model, will be discussed with clinical examples.

Presenter – 

Bonnie LeePhD, is an Associate Professor in Health Sciences (Addictions Counselling) at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta. She is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist and a Registered Social Worker in Alberta and Ontario. A highly-rated speaker and trainer with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Institutes for Advanced Clinical Education and an invited speaker and keynote with various universities and organizations, Dr. Lee has been the Principal Investigator of two decades of research that developed the theory and efficacy of Congruence Couple Therapy for addiction and co-occurring mental health concerns. She was awarded the University Board of Governors Research (2016-19) for her innovative contributions to the addiction field. Her academic career included appointments in Sapporo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Athens.

This event was live on April 28th and was not recorded please visit the CAMFT website for more information about the discussed content! 

Chapter Seven (Labour Mobility) of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), a presentation by Employment and Social Development Canada

Event Description – 

The co-chairs of the Forum of Labour Market Minster’s Labour Mobility Working Group will present on federal, provincial and territorial governments’ obligations to provide certificate-to-certificate recognition under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement. The co-chairs will touch inter-jurisdictional practice (i.e., virtual services), as well as any other questions that the audience might have.

Presenter bio – 

Erin Connell is a Director, Skills and Employment Branch, Employment and Social Development Canada. Erin is the federal co-chair of the Forum of Labour Market Minister’s Labour Mobility Working Group.

Derrick Lepine is the Director of Labour Market – Intergovernmental in the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training in the Government of Saskatchewan. Derrick currently serves as provincial/territorial co-chair of the Forum of Labour Market Minister’s Labour Mobility Working Group.

Click HERE to access the recording! 

Counselling and Psychotherapy:  Sharing Perspectives from Around the World

Panelists – 

  • Philip Armstrong, CEO, Australian Counselling Association
  • Dr. Kathy Offet-Gartner, President, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
  • Dr. Bill Borgen, President, International Association for Counselling
  • Bernie Hackett, Cathaoirleach, Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Dr. Frederick Low, President, Singapore Association for Counselling
  • Elizabeth Okello, President, Uganda Counselling Association

Event Description – 

Join us for engaging conversation as Dr. Jen Rowett, Past-President of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, is joined by the panelists below to discuss the landscape of counselling and psychotherapy from around the world.  As Leaders of their respective Associations, panelists will share the diverse contexts within which their members provide counselling services; the roles, challenges, and successes of their association; the impact of and responses to Covid-19 within their association/country; and the immediate and long term goals of their association.  Please join us as we come together in this virtual space to share with and learn from each other.  We look forward to being with you!

Click HERE to access the recording!

Looking for more professional development events?

Obtain 24 CECs in less than 4 days by joining the live sessions alone and obtain even more by listening to on demand sessions in the months following the conference. All of this for a price that is truly hard to beat!

As we move from survival mode to dealing with the echo pandemic of mental health issues that will affect our practice moving forward, we come together to find strength from and in collaboration. Join colleagues from around the world to enhance coping strategies for both yourself and your clients as we recover from the COVID-19 crisis together. Attend, be inspired, and revitalize your practice!

Our virtual event will consist of:

  • A virtual lobby and platform (PheedLoop) enabling you to meet and network with people from across Canada and internationally
  • A gamification activity making you explore our virtual platform, collect points and redeem/win prizes as you go
  • Virtual and on-demand sessions aimed at educating participants with varied interests in the mental health field
  • A virtual exhibit booth where you can find products and services tailored to your needs as mental health professionals
  • Activities in-between sessions to not only entertain you but make you move

We hope you will join us for our jam-packed PD event! More information at CCPA Annual Conference – Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (ccpa-accp.ca).