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May 19 – 22, 2022

As we move from survival mode to dealing with the echo pandemic of mental health issues that will affect our practice moving forward, we come together to find strength from and in collaboration.

Join colleagues from around the world to enhance coping strategies for both yourself and your clients as we recover from the COVID-19 crisis together. Attend, be inspired, and revitalize your practice!

Our conference aims to:

  • Develop the field of counselling in Canada
  • Facilitate the professional development of people working in the field
  • Promote the exchange of theories and research in counselling
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas and information among delegates, as well as between delegates and the CCPA Board of Directors
  • Reunite professionals that use over 70 different titles in the counselling and psychotherapy field across teh country and provide an opportunity for them to participate in an event that is tailored to their needs and gathers an otherwise diverse & dispersed group of people together once a year

Our virtual event will consist of:

  • A virtual lobby and platform (PheedLoop) enabling you to meet and network with people from across Canada and internationally
  • A gamification activity making you explore our virtual platform, collect points and redeem/win prizes as you go
  • Virtual and on-demand sessions aimed at educating participants with varied interests in the mental health field
  • A virtual exhibit booth where you can find products and services tailored to your needs as mental health professionals
  • Activities in-between sessions to not only entertain you but make you move

We hope you will join us for our jam-packed PD event!

Thank you to our Conference Sponsors!

Meet Other Counsellors & Psychotherapists Who:

Counselors who work in other fields image - healthcare and education settings, diverse backgrounds, come from different areas, different career stages, and work with different populations

Attendees typically work in:

  • Employment and Career Development

  • Education (School Counsellors & Counsellor Educators)

  • Employment Assistance Programs (EAPs)

  • Public Service Agencies & Government (Federal, Provincial & Municipal)

  • Hospitals & Clinics

  • Multidisciplinary Teams

  • Private Practice


Conference Schedule

Find out which sessions will be taking place throughout the event!


Virtual Platform Tips

Watch this to understand how our virtual portal works!


Meet our Keynote Speakers

We’ll hear from Teepa Snow, Dr. Amir George Sabongui and Jenna Robar!



Fees and CECs

Find out how many CECs you can accumulate and what the conference fees will be!