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Find Inspiration and Motivation Through our Keynotes Speakers

Until There is a Cure: Aging in a Pandemic

Friday May 20, 2022

To foster healthy ageing and improve the lives of older people and their families and communities, fundamental shifts are required not only in the actions we take but in how we think about age and ageing.  Are we ready?

Have you ever wondered how to tell the difference between ‘normal’ and ‘not normal’ behavior in aging? In this interactive and engaging session, Teepa Snow will clarify the differences. She will also focus on the many changes that occur in the brain during the development of dementia, and how these structural changes contribute to changes in abilities and behaviour in everyday living. Teepa will also speak about the COVID-19 pandemic and resultant physical distancing measures that have exacerbated already widespread social isolation and loneliness experienced by older people, resulting in premature mortality and deleterious consequences on their health. Fortunately, evidence suggests that there are promising strategies to reduce social isolation and loneliness. We are all gems and with the right care at the right time, we can all shine. Teepa will demonstrate that until there’s a cure – there’s care!

Teepa Snow’s biography

Managing the Unmanageable—Thriving Through Adversity

Saturday May 21, 2022

(French Keynote – Simultaneously Translated)

What happens when our life plans—so well established in a predictable and controllable world— suddenly implode and catapult us into a universe of uncontrollable and unexpected chaos in constant flux? One option is to collapse under the pressure and commotion. But another is to reinvent and transform ourselves on the professional, relationship and emotional levels and use such events as a springboard to achieving our full potential. Participants in this presentation will not only learn to navigate the unknown, but draw on it to thrive through adversity. Life’s unavoidable catastrophes can also bring out the best—as well as the worst—in us and send us on a nothing less than an epic journey.

Dr. Amir George Sabongui’s biography

Nourishing Our Roots – Wellness with an Indigenous Lens

Sunday May 22, 2022

This speaker is brought to you by our Lived Experience Speaker Series.

Growing up in Cape Breton as an L’nu (or Mi’kmaw) woman with an eating disorder, navigating those labels led Jenna to finding wellness through traditional foods and restorative care of self. These days Jenna dedicates her time speaking within Indigenous communities around Turtle Island on getting back to traditional ways of movement and eating sustainably from the land, coaching clients to be the healthiest version of themselves, and speaking nationally to Newcomer and Indigenous youth on their value and shaping the future they want and need. From shore to shore, Jenna shares the importance of taking care of self in a way that will give the audience the energy and clarity to strive for what’s important to them.

Jenna Robar’s biography