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Being a member of CCPA just got even better!

As a CCPA Member, you have access to special rates on hotels, insurance, books, online booking systems, frames, concerts etc.

Explore the offers below to find out what special rates you can take advantage of today!

Ça paye être membre de l’ACCP!

En tant que membre, vous avez accès à des rabais sur des hôtels, de l’assurance, des livres, des systèmes de réservation, l’encadrement de votre certificat de CCC, des concerts et bien plus encore!

Explorez les offres ci-dessous pour voir de quels rabais vous pouvez profiter!


Learn practical skills to increase your safety and proficiency at work.

The Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation (CIIAN), has trained thousands from across the globe, the art and science of transforming the destructive path of conflict into a tool for growth.

Earn 7 hours of CCPA-approved Continuing Education Credits while completing CIIAN’s certificate program in Conflict Dynamics and Strategies. This program includes tools and strategies that have been
refined over decades by the expertise of our practitioner-trainers, as well as the most recent findings from the fields of neuroscience; evolutionary biology; behavioral economics; psychology; and more.

Participants will gain strategies to navigate the entire spectrum of conflict including the prevention, de-escalation, and resolution of conflict.  You’ll also be introduced to tools that can be applied in professional practice including methods to understand and address personal conflict, beliefs, power, and conflict coping strategies.

Self-paced and online, get started immediately and learn to master essential negotiation and
conflict resolution skills so that you’re better equipped to serve your clients.

Visit https://ciian.org/self-and-others to learn more and use Coupon Code “ccpa25” at checkout to save 25%.

As a member of CCPA, Click4Time offers a 20% discount, as well as a 15 day no commitment free trial including a personal session with our knowledgeable onboarding team.

For over 10 years now, Click4Time’s award winning, secure and versatile practice management software, continues to be trusted by mental health practitioners across Canada.

When you join the Click4Time family, you can rest assured of our personal commitment to you, for service excellence. We listen to and respond rapidly to your evolving business needs. Our personal quick response one-on-one support is unmatched.

Here are just a few of the features your peers really love about Click4Time

  • Relationship Linked Clients – assign relationships and permissions to allow related clients to book appointments on behalf other family members, receive copies of email notifications and complete online forms, while maintaining separate private identities.
  • Electronic Session Notes – fully customizable, secure and time saving one click duplication of previous session notes for quick reference and revision.
  • Fully Customizable Client Data Fields – define your own client data fields, choose where to display and collect that data as well as the ability to export the information.
  • Online Payments – force prepayment of specific services or unreliable clients, collect and securely store credit card details, request payment by email and integrated invoicing & receipts.
  • Secure Forms – automated electronic forms for intake, consent declaration & waivers or client feedback.
  • Telehealth Videoconferencing – one-to-one and one-to-many secure video sessions, one click access directly from within Click4Time, no need to send links from outside your calendar. Clients can join directly from their browser, nothing to download and end to end encrypted.
  • Email & SMS Notifications – Fully customizable email templates and always free text message reminders to clients.
  • Packages – sell a series or sessions upfront at a package rate and let Click4Time count down of remaining sessions and automatically adjust related invoices.

We would love to show you around and answer your questions. Connect with us at [email protected] or by phone at 1-877-425-4254 (Ext. 1).


Where Memories Begin

The thrill of live theatre, the magic of movies, family attractions, spectacular sports – that is Perkopolis and so much more.

Add savings on hotels, apparel, home services, automotive, travel, and that’s what we’re about.

Through a partnership with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association we’re here to help you save money on your entertainment and everyday purchases.

Click here for more information and to enjoy these savings!

« Reduce no shows, reduce paper, and add Jane into your life. ❤️
Let Jane lend you a hand with your Mental Health practice so that you can spend more time doing what you love – helping others. Jane offers a client-friendly online booking platform, family booking features, customizable invoicing and receipts, payments, and more. All packed into one secure and easy-to-use platform.

Join us for a tour: https://jane.app/counselling

All of Jane’s features are designed to be compliant with the relevant privacy laws in Canada. ****This includes compliance with: PHIPA, PIPEDA, and PIPA. Jane’s Telehealth feature, called Online Appointments, uses end-to-end encryption for all of your 1-on-1 virtual appointments.

When you’re ready, use this code (CCPA1MO) at the time of sign-up to apply a 1-month grace period to your account. A small gift from Jane to you for a smooth and stress-free transition. « 

2020 CCPA code to get 10% off Leading Edge Seminars workshops

CCPA members are eligible for a 10% discount off regular Leading Edge Seminars workshops year-round! Save $30-$100 on Leading Edge Seminars workshops*!

The CCPA discount code ccpa20 applies current registration rates of all workshops with some restrictions*. WRITE DOWN THIS CODE!  To receive the 10% discount throughout 2020, you must provide this code upon registration. Leading Edge Seminars will not apply the discount without this code.

This discount may not be combined with other special discounts.

Please note: this code applies to new registrations only.

*Exceptions: For EMDR trainings, CCPA members will receive $100 off the current registration. No discounts are available for the Brainspotting Level 2 training.

To receive this discount, use the code ccpa20 when registering online or on the phone. NOTE: if you do not see your discount automatically applied to the balance owing, do NOT proceed. Email [email protected] so we can correct your registration.


Owl Practice is excited for the opportunity to partner with CCPA to provide all members with an exclusive offer!

We’ve worked with thousands of Canadian practitioners to improve their business practices, enabling them to grow their client lists and revenue. Now, we want to bring all of that expertise to you.

Owl Practice is a comprehensive practice management tool tailored for private practices in the Canadian mental health care industry. It is fully PHIPA and college compliant and all of our administrative processes are informed by the unique needs of the mental health care industry.

Visit https://owlpractice.ca to get started today. Learn more about how Owl can help your practice by signing up for a free demo or a 14-Day Free Trial!

Mention this offer when signing up to get your first month free with Owl!

Are you looking to expand your reach and connect with more clients?

We would like to also introduce TherapyOwl, an online platform that makes it easy to find new clients and to have them find you. Join the thousands of therapists across North America that are listed on TherapyOwl by creating a free listing today.

Get TherapyOwl Premium Free for 3 Months!

As a member of CCPA, get 3 months of TherapyOwl Premium free! TherapyOwl Premium features include: Prioritized Search Results, Location Based Search, Book Now Functionality, and much more!

Visit https://therapyowl.ca to create your free listing today!

Budget Counselling with ConsolidatedCredit.ca

The above number is unique to the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and will ring directly to our first available counsellor 6 days-a-week during our hours of operation (EST):

Monday-Thursday 8:30 am to 8:00 pm
Friday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

For more information, and to learn what we’re all about, click here.

LeaderFrames CCC Certificate Framing

As a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association we hope you take advantage of the many benefits the association has arranged on behalf of its members. One such benefit is a customized frame to display your recent achievement for obtaining the CCC/ CCC-S designation.

CCPA in conjunction with Leader Frames has designed a wood and metal frame with the Association’s logo embossed in gold metal foil for you to proudly display your certificate. Leader Frames is a Canadian owned company manufacturing all its environmentally-friendly products here in Ontario. They are also the only company authorized to use the CCPA logo.

To view the frames selected by the Association, click here or go to www.leaderframes.com . The Leader Frame website also provides the opportunity to further customize your frame choice by selecting the “Build Your Own” option (please note that prices will be based on individual selection).

Lord Elgin

Lord Elgin Hotel – Ottawa

Les membres de l’ACCP sont admissibles à un rabais de 15 % sur la meilleure offre du jour à l’hôtel Lord Eglin d’Ottawa!

Les voyageurs de l’ACCP peuvent faire leurs réservations directement auprès de l’hôtel, soit en appelant directement au 613-235-3333 ou sans frais au 1-800-267-4298, soit par courriel à [email protected]. N’oubliez pas de demander le tarif de l’Association canadienne de counseling et de psychothérapie.

**Les tarifs offerts sont disponibles pour les réservations de moins de 10 chambres par nuit. Pour les groupes de 10 chambres ou plus par nuit, veuillez contacter Ann Meelker à l’adresse [email protected] ou au 613-563-6409**.

Il n’y a pas de dates d’interdiction pour ce tarif.