Nature’s Invitations

Posted by: Angela Herzog on août 18, 2015 2:43 pm

Nature speaks truth into our lives on a daily basis.

So often, I lose sight of this simple truth, as my attention begins to zero in on tasks, appointments and concerns.

I was blessed to have a couple of weeks of summer holidays immersed in nature. Through this, my gaze began to widen again and I was able to receive some of nature’s invitations.

  1. Have I ever looked at trees and been amazed at how they are not falling despite their height?

The tree invites me to nurture my roots.

  1. Have I noticed how leaves respond gracefully and receptively to the wind?

What external forces am I fighting against?

  1. Have I enjoyed watching the freedom flight of a butterfly with a knowing of its journey to flight?

How can I trust the process within seasons of constriction that feel like a cocoon?

  1. Have I considered that each living plant and creature is simply living its purpose? The flower does not waste energy trying to be a tree and the tree does not ignore its root system.

How can I stop striving to be something else and unabashedly live out my truth?

  1. Have I given myself permission to sit still in nature and simply experience my place within the interconnectedness of all living beings?

How do I remain in connection when my sight begins to narrow with stresses?

These questions linger within me as I return to regular work routine. My intention is to stay open to these questions and allow them to inform my; self care practices this summer; ultimately influencing my work with my clients.

So, during this summer season, as caseloads tend to be smaller and holidays are plenty, notice what invitations await for you. Allow your gaze to expand to take in the natural world that is always ready to teach.

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