Getting Hit by That Cosmic Two-by-Four

Posted by: Mark Franklin on avril 28, 2014 10:46 am
Clues from Career Buzz guest on getting hit by that cosmic two-by-four
Listen to the interview here

“I got hit by a cosmic two by four to the head,” is the way David Cohen explained to Career Buzz  listeners (April 3, 2014) how his career change was triggered by divorce and job loss all within three months. Then, while attending a workshop he noticed the role of the facilitator, and said to himself, “That’s what I want to do!” So, he want back to school to get certified as a coach, and as a teacher of adults, and eventually began his business, Boomer Business Coach.

What are the clues that apply to you? Like David, have you experienced big change — a hit by that cosmic two by four — in your career or life? Whatever triggers you have in your life, notice how David did things that put him in the way of clues. Try this:  Take a page out of David’s book and learn something new — a course or craft or kayaking — and watch for clues.


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