Clues from Career Buzz guests on the gamification of work: Be “T shaped” and talk about your breadth

Posted by: Mark Franklin on février 4, 2014 10:00 am

Phaedra Boinodiris spends her days identifying “what is it about games that makes them compelling, and what game designs and techniques can be used in business to help people solve complex problems and collaborate better.” Using games, she’s a “motivational designer” for IBM’s clients.

Both Phaedra and Chuck Hamilton of IBM focus on the gamification of work (Career Buzz, Jan. 8, 2014) and they love their jobs — but how did they get those great jobs?

Phaedra told an inspiring story of presenting at a case competition during her MBA, where she came up with a game solution to a business problem presented by an IBM rep. Immediately after the presentation, an IBM VP pulled her aside and said, “I want to green light this game idea right now. Can you make this for  me in three months?” That’s the moment her IBM career began. The resulting Innov8 game has been played by over 1000 business schools.

Chuck aced an interaction with an IBMer at a job fair which led to his job. How? He came prepared to talk to reps from companies he was interested in. So when the IBM rep asked what he wanted to do, Chuck said, “I’m really interested in expanding the way people learn and growing people through technology.” He then broadened his response, which led the IBM rep to take notice and make a referral that led to a job.

What are the clues that apply to you?  When you connect with people in your career, consider Chuck Hamilton’s idea that “breadth is what gives you value. Being able to expose that breadth is valuable.” Chuck said IBM seeks “T-shaped people” — metaphorically your outstretched arms are your breadth, and your height is your depth. “Breadth across multiple spaces is something you want to reveal to people.” Need help identifying and revealing your career depth? Check CareerCycles career programs. And, like Phaedra, if you’re in a post-secondary program, get involved in case competitions that get you in front of  industry people!

Listen to the whole interview! Career Buzz, Jan. 8, 2014. Guest bios below.

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Chuck Hamilton is IBM’s Global Mentoring Program Leader as well as a Social Learning and Smart Play Program Leader. His work focuses on the intersections of People, Innovation and Technology with an emphasis on organizational effectiveness. Articles about Chuck’s work have appeared in Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, Canadian Business and the Globe & Mail, and he recently gave his first TED talk. Chuck is based in Vancouver.

Phaedra Boinodiris  also at IBM is the Global, Serious Games and Gamification Program Manager. She establishes IBM’s serious games and gamification vision, strategy, and execution.    Phaedra has produced games for technical training, marketing, and extending brand reach. These games are now IBM’s top lead generating assets on the web. Plus, She’s one of the top 100 women in the gaming industry for her work founding  She speaks worldwide at conferences; and happily mentors entrepreneurs at her alma mater, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

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