Time to Slow Down and Find Your Authenticity

Posted by: Maritza Rodriguez on août 23, 2011 1:10 pm

In our fast paced society where information is being processed at a record speed through social media, television and radio, it is challenging to slow down. As technology continues to exponentially develop, with computers and software being outdated as quickly as later in the same year that they premiered, human beings are often overwhelmed and exhausted trying to keep up. We have not even mentioned our regular responsibilities such as work, relationships, children, etc. And many of us try to squeeze in play, recreation, rest and service such as volunteering or helping out in our communities and/or churches.

Counselling provides you with a time out from life. You slow down, engage in an intimate relationship, dig down and express genuine, if not often hidden feelings, to convey the “authentic you” and  be fully accepted in a non-judgmental environment. How many of us crave a simpler life? Psychotherapy and counselling provide us the time, opportunity and process to spend on ourselves. We often forget that we are our most valuable asset and that we need to take the necessary time to take care of ourselves. So often we put our career, significant other, children, elderly parents, obligations and other responsibilities first and we feel that our fuel tank is empty.

Counselling provides the perfect setting to receive support, redefine your goals, get to know your true feelings, work through personal blocks and emerge your best self. The personal investment in yourself is often multiplied in the value of the outcome when it increases your insight, belief in yourself and dreams and ability to cope with challenges.

Maritza Rodriguez-Arseneau

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