How Green is My Online Counselling?

Posted by: Dawn Schell on août 23, 2011 12:47 pm

[tongue firmly in cheek] 

Sustainable, energy efficient, green, eco/environmentally friendly.  It seems that everywhere I turn someone (or some product) is using these words [have you noticed it too?].  Businesses, municipalities, and schools all seem to have a green agenda and it made me wonder – just how environmentally friendly is online counselling?  Am I doing my bit to save the planet?

With that noble aim in mind I decided to conduct a green assessment of my online counselling practice [humming Kermit’s theme song “it’s not easy being green”].

Green Transportation

I work at home so that’s easy.   No driving, no gas, no emissions  and hey, my clients don’t drive either.  Double bonus.  I save the planet twice. 

Plus, Online counselling is kinda like an online retail store but without the shipping. Triple the green points! 

And then there are the staff meetings and the staff parties – all online.  Saves a lot of wear and tear on the environment. 


Paper, plastic, packaging, glass.  Check ! 


Well, I don’t go out for coffee [no disposable cups] or lunch [no packaging] so that’s some reduction in waste.  Hmmm, could do more in this department. 

Become part of the ReUse Revolution

That covers most of my office furniture. On second thought – that covers ALL of my office furniture. 

Buy greener office supplies

Or none at all.  No paper forms to fill out, no need to photocopy or print out anything for clients, no pens, staples, paper clips, tape, etc. 

Conserve energy

Hmm, double paned-thermal windows, insulation, and energy-efficient light bulbs.

Remember to turn off lights and turn down the heat.

Check ! 

Conserve Water

Fewer “work” clothes [after all who sees me?] so less laundry and dry cleaning. 

 Low flow taps and toilet [but then you probably didn’t need to know either of these facts!] 

Green home and office cleaning

Yup – got that one covered.  I use ecologically friendly products to clean.  

Renewable Energy alternatives

Thinking about putting a wind turbine in my backyard.

Hmm, wonder what my neighbours would think?

Wow – when I look at it like this I feel like an eco-warrior [putting on my superhero cloak].  Online counselling is definitely….a shade of green.

I might add it to my marketing strategy – “Doing my bit for the environment one online counselling session at a time”. 

[grinning and hoping this hasn’t felt like a “greenwash”]. 

Ideas for Greening were taken from the following two sources:,1&fuseaction=Feature.showFeature&FeatureID=468

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