A Calling

Posted by: Dawn Schell on juillet 24, 2014 3:48 pm

I was having one of those days. You know the kind. Nothing seems to quite go right. The toast is burnt. You are late for a meeting. All the traffic lights are red.   An online session takes longer than you expected. You’ve forgotten to do something you promised someone you would do.   Minor things really but it all feels a bit much at that moment in time.

Then I turn on the radio and I catch the end of a program and the woman is saying…

“We are all called to a certain way of interacting with the world….Fulfilling our calling then, has to do with being faithful in those myriad ways in which we engage with the world, whether in our personal lives, our economic lives, our social lives… To be faithful, to live with integrity, to bring healing in all of those places. That’s a calling that all of us share.”

(Ideas, CBC, The Chosen Part 2)

Something shifted for me as I listened to her say this. An easing of mind and spirit and a surge of curiosity.

You see, at first I heard it as “in all of those online spaces”.   Shows you where my mind is.

Being faithful, living with integrity and bringing healing into online spaces.

What a beautiful concept.

It immediately brought to mind all of the online spaces I am part of…..my online counselling practice, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ravelry, Counselling Connect….to name a few.

What would it mean to live out my interactions online with this “calling”? What would it mean for you to do it?

What might change in the online environment if more people were doing this?

It is worth thinking about.

I am going to post this on my desktop so I am reminded each time I enter one of those online spaces that this is my “calling”.

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