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À propos de nous

Étant conseillers scolaires, nous croyons que l’opportunité d’atteindre la santé mentale et émotionelle est au coeur de l’éducation.  La profession de conseiller scolaire supporte le développement personnel, social, académique et de carrière des étudiants afin de leur fournir l’opportunité d’achever leur plein potentiel.  C’est avec cette vision à l’égard de nos étudiants que nous nous efforçons de bâtir une  identité nationale au sein de notre profession.



La section des conseillers scolaires a été fondée en 2000.  La section communique avec ses membres par des bulletins d’information semestriels et tiens leurs assemblées générales annuelles conjointement avec le congrès national de l’ACCP.

En 2003, un logo a été créé pour la section. Ce logo, qui est basé sur la philosophie définie dans leur constitution, s’inspire de la croyance qu’ensemble, nous pouvons prendre notre envol, qu’il y a de la solidarité dans notre diversité et que, en tant que membre interactif de l’ACCP, nous avons une présence et une voix plus fortes au niveau national.

Dépliant de la Section

Les objectifs de la section sont de:

  • Fournir aux conseillers scolaires l’occasion de se rencontrer pour s’entretenir de questions cruciales ou névralgiques dans le domaine de l’orientation scolaire.
  • Offrir un lieu d’échange, de partage d’information et de perfectionnement professionnel (axé sur les compétences et sur les connaissances).
  • Servir d’instrument de représentation auprès des facultés et des départements universitaires, des gouvernements et des organismes pertinents en vue d’aider les responsables de programmes d’orientation scolaire à atteindre leur principal objectif, lequel est de former des conseillers et des conseillères scolaires ayant la compétence professionnelle requise.
  • Fournir aux conseillers scolaires un moyen qui leur permette de s’aider les uns les autres à se perfectionner et à obtenir du soutien pour la recherche aux niveaux provincial et fédéral grâce à une collaboration plus étroite.
  • Servir de lien direct avec l’Association nationale, ce qui permet d’afficher des buts et des objectifs communs.


Janice Graham-Migel (NS)

Janice Graham-Migel (NS)

(Anglais seulement)

Janice Graham-Migel, PhD, RCT, CCC, CCC-S is President of the School Counsellors Chapter and Chair of the National School Counselling Committee.  She previously served a two-year term as School Counsellor Liaison with the CCPA Nova Scotia Chapter and eight years on the Executive of the Nova Scotia School Counsellors Association (Director, Vice President, President, and Past President).  Janice is currently serving a second term on the CERIC Practical and Academic Research Committee.  In 2008, Janice completed a PhD in Educational Administration from the University of Toronto. She holds a BSA, BEd, and a Master of Arts in Education (Educational Psychology) from Mount Saint Vincent University. Janice is a Canadian Certified Counsellor and Canadian Certified Counsellor – Supervisor through the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and a Registered Counselling Therapist through the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists. A member of CCPA since 1995, Janice was the recipient of the CCPA Counsellor Practitioner Award in 1999, the CCPA Counsellor Leadership Award in 2014, and the CCPA School Counselling Award in 2015.  She has worked as a school counsellor at all levels within the Halifax Regional School Board (elementary, junior high, and senior high) and is currently a school counsellor at Ridgecliff Middle School. Janice holds an Adjunct Professor appointment at Acadia University where she teaches graduate courses part-time in the School of Education.  Janice’s research and practice concentrate on Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling Programs and Distributed Leadership, as well as collaboration between education and health in the context of school reform.

Lisa Cheyne-Zanyk (SK)

Présidente sortante

(Anglais seulement)

Lisa Cheyne-Zanyk is a Canadian Certified Counsellor with a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary.   Lisa works full-time as a school counsellor with the Living Sky School Division (K-Gr. 12) and part-time in private practice.  Lisa also teaches yoga and mindfulness meditation.  Lisa has a love of learning and seeks opportunities to grow personally and professionally.  Lisa believes that people are resilient, able to change and adapt, often having untapped inner strength.  Lisa has enjoyed being part of the School Counsellors Chapter Executive as Treasurer, Secretary, and President and values the connections she has made through these roles.  She is excited to take on the role of Past President this year.

Anne Madore (NB)


(Anglais seulement)

Anne Madore, CCC, has been a Member of CCPA since 2017, a member of the School Counselor Chapter, the Counselor Educator Chapter, and a member of the Private Practice Chapter since 2019, from which she developed her Private Practice named “Connecting Health Solutions with Psychotherapy.” She is working to become a supervisor for CCPA in order to give her diverse experience and skills to other counselors. Anne also plans to become a license therapist from the province of N.B. She is looking forward to a Future Publication of a Research Paper title “Promoting Resiliency and Building Strengths Based Approach for High School Students. Anne is part of the Honor Society Organization since 2017, member of the chorus at church for several years and she is completely bilingual, speaking French and English. Anne obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Husson University in 1994, a BS in Health Education from University of Maine of Presque Isle in 2000, M. Ed (Counselling) from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2017 and graduated with honors. From this she has received her Teaching Certificate VI and her Interim Principal Certificate. Furthermore, she received her EECD Guidance Counselor Certificate in 2017 and is part of the ASCA since 2012. She was also a NBTA School Representative for AWSD in 2018. With Anne diverse experience and education she was also recognized and received her certificate from NPAQ in 2019, from which she can apply her Health Coaching skills, Counseling and Nursing skills. Anne has worked as a Professional Teacher, a Director, a Coordinator, and a representative for several committees and associations for more than 20 years. She has been a Professional Teacher for over 15 years in both N.B and in USA. She was a Student Representative for the Diversity Committee (1999) at UMPI and provided community services for the homeless, as well as seminars for high school students on drugs and alcohol awareness. Anne has also worked in the Health care field for over 12 years. She has worked for the Anglophone West School District in N.B, worked as an Administrator at a Primary Health Program/ Facility Manager for Horizon Health in 2015, a Director of the Recovery & Reentry Program for FNA Behavioral Heath in Fairbanks Alaska from 2012-2015. Anne was also a Health Safety & Nutrition Coordinator for Thrive Alaska Head Start from 2010-2012, a CPR / AED and a First Aid Instructor from 2011- 2016. With Anne devotion to help others, she has donated ten inches of her hair in 2014 for the Lock of Love association. This is an association to help children with their hair loss during cancer. This gesture was implied for the development of wigs and to increase children moral during the time of sickness. In addition, Anne was the Regional Chairperson for Figure Skating Development Committee. Anne has worked as a nurse at the Borderview Manner in 1994 in Van Buren, Maine. She has also organized health seminars on sport nutrition, motivation, and controlling stress for the athletes in our region of N.B (2000-2002). Not to forget she was an Administrator / Manager of her own Apartment Building Complex (1987 to 1998). Anne is still working as a Professional teacher, developing her private practice and continues to be active in several organizations. Her favorite saying and belief is that “Everyone can accomplish their goals by working hard and by always believing in themselves.”

Belinda Josephson (NS)


(Anglais seulement)

Belinda Josephson M.Ed., RCT, CCC is presently serving a two -year term as the Treasurer of the School Counsellors Chapter and School Liaison of Nova Scotia Chapter. She has been Past President of both School Counsellors Chapter and Nova Scotia Chapters.

Belinda holds a B.A. and B.Ed. as well as 2 Master of Education degrees. She holds an M.Ed. in Curriculum and an M. Ed.  in Counselling. She also holds an M.A. (with thesis) in Educational Administration.  She is a Registered Counselling Therapist through the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists. A member of CCPA since 1995, Belinda was the recipient of the CCPA Counsellor Practitioners Award in 2017 and CCPA School Counselling Award 2018. She has worked as a teacher, school counsellor and administrator at all levels of education in the South Shore Regional School Board in Bridgewater, NS for 34 years. She has been a lecturer at Acadia University where she taught education students. Belinda’s has conducted research on Women in Education and Student Leadership.

Melissa Falconer (NB)


(Anglais seulement)

Melissa Falconer is a Member of CCPA and the School Counselor Chapter. She is currently completing her Masters of Education in Counselling from the University of New Brunswick. As a New Brunswick teacher, Melissa embarked on this educational endeavor after a career opportunity opened her eyes to the world of school counselling. As she puts it, “I finally felt as though I was where I was supposed to be.”

Melissa began her teaching career in Nova Scotia following completion of a Bachelor of Arts (Honours in History and Subsidiary in Mathematics) degree from Saint Francis Xavier University (2001) and a Bachelor of Education (Elementary) degree from Mount Saint Vincent University (2007). She also holds a Masters of Education (Elementary and Middle School Education) from Mount Saint Vincent University (2013). Melissa states that she has a passion for learning and can often be found attending conferences, completing educational courses, or seeking collaborative learning opportunities.

Having previously sat on her local union executive as Member-at-Large and Resolutions Committee Chair, Melissa recognizes the enjoyment that she gets collaborating with other professionals at the executive level and finding ways in which she can contribute to her profession and support her peers. She is passionate about teacher wellness, preventing compassion fatigue in school staff as well as supporting and engaging students by fostering positive relationships and social-emotional wellness within schools.

Katelyn Munn (NB)

Liaison du conseil de l’ACCP
Katelyn Munn (NB)

Carol-Anne Haring (AB)


Yvette Forcier (SK)

Yvette Forcier (SK)

(Anglais seulement)

Yvette Forcier is a Canadian Certified Counsellor with a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Regina, Saskatchewan. Yvette works full-time as a school counsellor with le Conseil des écoles fransaskoises CEF in 5 schools throughout mid and north Saskatchewan (K – 12) and part-time in private practice and through SageNow. She also hosts women’s weekend wellbeing retreats on her acreage. Yvette has a unique way to connect with everyone she meets which makes it easier for clients to share their innermost thoughts and feelings. This then brings about motivated people who sees themselves in a different light leading to a better self-concept and perception of themselves and the world. She has awesome tools to share with others that she herself uses on a regular basis in order to live a fun and well-balanced life. Yvette joined the School Counsellors Chapter as a member in 2019.

Danielle Savage (MB)


Jo Cullen (PE)


(Anglais seulement)

Jo Cullen is a Canadian Certified Counsellor and has been a member of the CCPA since graduating with a Master of Education in Counselling Psychology from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2010. Jo presently works as a school counsellor and behaviour resource teacher at Elm Street Elementary School in Summerside, PE. She is a member of the Canadian Association of Play Therapists (CAPT) and is currently enrolled in a Play Therapy program with Maritime Play Therapy Centre. Jo’s goal as a school counsellor is to help her students develop a growth mindset and foster their social-emotional learning through play based skills development methods, so that they may learn to accept and respect themselves and others.

Julie Lindsay (NS / International)

Julie Lindsay (NS / International)

(Anglais seulement)

Julie Lindsay is a high school counselor at the American School of Bombay. She has spent 25 years working in international schools in locations like Japan, Syria, China, the Philippines, and most recently, India.  She is a certified counselor, originally from Nova Scotia, that loves bringing mindfulness education and support to adolescents, particularly Third Culture Kids (TCKs).  Most recently, Julie has been involved in the development of advisory programs in partnership with SEE Learning, helping students and teachers explore and develop their strengths and resilience. Julie is a professional member of ISCA and IACAC and is appreciative of the opportunity to serve with the school counselors in the CCPA executive group. Julie holds a graduate degree in Education from Mount Saint Vincent University and a Master’s degree in International Counseling from Lehigh University.  Julie has two grown children that have travelled the world with her keeping her humble, grounded, resilient, and learning everyday. 

Margot Beech Kennedy (ON)

Margot Beech Kennedy (ON)

Margot Beech Kennedy is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and a Canadian Certified Counsellor with the CCPA. She has participated on the Executive of the School Counsellor Chapter since 2017, serving as both Member-at-Large and Secretary. She finds the companionship, passion, dedication, and resources of the School Counsellors Chapter to be inspiring and energizing. After 30 years of working in independent schools in the Greater Toronto Area, Margot retired in 2020, but she hasn’t retired from counselling and psychotherapy! She continues to support children and their parents in her private therapy practice in Toronto.

Boyd Perry (NL)


(Anglais seulement)

Boyd is an experienced school counsellor of over 20 years, holding degrees from Memorial University of Newfoundland. He has expertise in the field of adolescent and child counselling dealing with a variety of issues.  Working with families to address the myriad of issues facing children of all ages has been his passion and focus throughout his counselling career.  Additionally, he is an ardent advocate for mental health and a leader within the counselling community.  He has held leadership positions with the Newfoundland and Labrador Counsellors’ and Psychologists’ Association (NLCPA), the Community Coalition for Mental Health (CC4MH), the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), and the Federation of Associations of Counselling Therapists in Newfoundland and Labrador (FACT-NL).  Boyd is also a sessional instructor with the Faculty of Education at Memorial University where he has taught courses in the areas of Learning Disabilities, Inclusion, Special Education and School Counselling.

Semaine canadienne du counseling scolaire 2022

Téléchargez l’affiche ici

Joignez-nous dans la célébration de la Semaine canadienne de counseling scolaire du 7 au 11 février 2022!

La Semaine canadienne du counseling scolaire reconnaît les contributions de la profession de conseiller scolaire au développement personnel, social, éducatif et professionnel des élèves de tous les niveaux scolaires.  Les conseillers scolaires jouent un rôle essentiel dans le soutien de la santé mentale et du bien-être des enfants et des jeunes au Canada.

Trousse – Semaine canadienne du counseling scolaire

Introduction – Semaine canadienne du counseling scolaire 2022 

Communiqué de presse 2022

Semaine canadienne du counseling scolaire 2022 Messages clés

Affiche de la semaine canadienne du counseling scolaire 2022

Affiche de la semaine canadienne du counseling scolaire (archivé)

Affiche des conseillers d’orientation en Nouvelle-Écosse

Prix de counseling scolaire de l’ACCP

School Guidance Counsellors Poster, NB

Matériel exemplaire – Semaine canadienne du counseling scolaire


Communiqué de presse bilingue

Certificat d’appréciation

Annonces quotidiennes

S’il vous plaît notez que la documentation ci-dessus a été adaptée avec permission des ressources fournient par l’American School Counselor Association, en collaboration avec la Section des conseillers/ères scolaires de L’Association canadienne de counseling et de psychothérapie.

Trousse pour les médias sociaux

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L’affiche de la Semaine canadienne du counseling scolaire ci-dessus peut être téléchargée du site web de la Section. Les compagnies suivantes peuvent être contactées directement afin de commander, imprimer et recevoir des affiches :

ROCKET (formerly Bounty Print Ltd.)
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Telephone:  1-888-498-2011 / 902-453-0300 / 902-497-2426
Contact:  Aubrey Graham
[email protected]
Banks Printing
Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone:  613-863-9003
Contact:  Trevor Banks
[email protected]

Prix de l’ACCP du counseling scolaire

Le prix de l’ACCP en counseling scolaire est décerné par la Section des conseillers scolaires afin de reconnaître le travail exceptionnel des conseillers scolaires et de saluer leur engagement personnel et professionnel envers la profession.

Pour appliquer, veuillez lire les critères d’application et remplir ce formulaire.

Félicitations à Gerard Lowe qui a obtenu le prix en 2020!

(anglais seulement)

Gerard is a School Counsellor at Corner Brook Regional High, in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.  Gerard was chosen for his commitment to improving the lives of students, developing community initiatives for youth at risk, and advocating for changes to help youth experiencing barriers in their lives.  Gerard has also provided supervision to interns on a regular basis, demonstrating leadership that helps the counselling profession maintain core competencies and grow.

Due to the pandemic and the cancellation of the 2020 CCPA conference in Edmonton, we were not able to celebrate in person the 2020 CCPA Awards.  We look forward to celebrating Gerard Lowe’s 2020 School Counselling Award and the 2021 School Counselling Award at the virtual CCPA Awards Event in May, 2021.

Affaires de la Section

Constitution et règlements

Les règlements de cette Section sont un ensemble de règles qui contrôlent les actions de ses membres et gouvernent la gestion interne du Chapitre.


La quête entrepreneuriale

La quête entrepreneuriale La quête entrepreneuriale est un programme scolaire invitant les élèves à prendre l’initiative de lancer et développer une entreprise commerciale.

A Call to Resurrect the Hope and Promise of Comprehensive School Counselling Programs and Practices
“School Counselling in Canada: An Examination of the School Counselling Profession in Canadian Provinces and Territories.” (CCPA Presentation, May 14, 2019, Moncton, New Brunswick)

Click here to see the slides.

Associations de conseillers scolaires provinciales et territoriales
  • La Section des conseillers scolaires valorise la participation des conseillers scolaires dans les associations professionnelles au sein de toutes les régions du Canada. Beaucoup de nos membres actuels et les nouveaux membres qui se joignent à notre Section sont engagés dans des associations de counseling au sein de leurs juridictions. Le 26 Novembre 2012, l’exécutif de la Section des conseillers scolaires a lancé l’invitation suivante aux associations provinciales et territoriales dans le domaine de l’orientation scolaire et aux associations qui ont des conseillers scolaires dans leur adhésion:
    La Section des conseillers scolaires continue à poursuivre les initiatives visant à rehausser le profil de la profession de conseiller scolaire au Canada. Dans la poursuite de cet objectif, nous souhaitons tisser des liens solides avec les associations provinciales et territoriales d’orientation scolaire au Canada. Nous sommes présentement à la recherche d’accords pour afficher un lien vers le site web de votre association sur la page web de notre Section. En retour, nous aimerions que votre association fournisse un lien sur votre site vers notre page web.

    Les membres de la section et les membres potentiels sont encouragés à utiliser ce site pour en apprendre davantage sur les associations d’orientation scolaire dans leur région. Pendant que les arrangements se forment avec les associations qui désirent figurer sur notre site web et vice-versa, l’information de contact ou de l’information sur les liens sera affichée.

    Liens disponibles ou bientôt disponibles:

    Newfoundland and Labrador Counsellors’ and psychologists’ Association

    PEI Counselling Association

    Blog: http://peitfsca.wordpress.com/.

    British Columbia School Counsellors

    Guidance Council of the Alberta Teacher’s Association

Contacter la Présidente de la Section

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