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A Primer on Clinical Supervision for Counsellors and Psychotherapists: Enhancing Professional Development of New Colleagues via Establishment of a Framework for Informed Supervision

Level: Introductory

This one-day introductory workshop is designed to offer a conceptual framework for best-practice clinical supervision. Target participants are those who are interested in contributing in a supervisory capacity to the professional preparation of pre-service students (who are engaged in practicum and/or internship as components of formal study) and/or the continued professional growth of in-service professionals (who may be seeking professional registration/licensure). Employing a combination of didactic and interactive components, the workshop provides broad brushstrokes of the concepts and considerations salient to the practice of clinical supervision. The workshop content is based on the premise that before we may profitably seek answers, we need to know which questions to ask. The workshop aims to pique participant interest in pursuing further training in clinical supervision as a specialty area of practice, perhaps via completion of CCPA’s graduate level course in clinical supervision.

Next Event – September 23rd from 11am-6pm EDT
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Informed Clinical Supervision in Practice: Integrating Foundational Concepts and Competencies to Optimize Process and Outcomes

Level: Intermediate

This one-day workshop is designed to integrate foundational concepts and competencies in clinical supervision. It is based on the premise that informed supervision emphasizes thoughtful intentionality and is designed to accommodate both a framework structure and responsive flexibility. Workshop participants will engage in reflective discussion and practice as they articulate a philosophy of change in counselling and supervision, demonstrate their preferred supervision models, anticipate ethical and legal issues, contemplate cultural and other diversity issues, and explore risk management practices designed to prevent or respond to supervisory challenges.

The intermediate level workshop presumes prior didactic training in clinical supervision and emphasizes experiential learning. Its intent is to enhance performance competency via engaging participants in application of the concepts covered at the introductory level.

Next Event – November 4th from 11am-6pm EDT
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Promoting Professionalism in Clinical Supervision: Embracing Supervisory Identity and Illuminating Competence

Level: Advanced

This one-day advanced-level workshop is designed to promote professionalism in the practice of clinical supervision. Participants will further consolidate their professional identity as a clinical supervisor through targeted concept refinement and skill development. Clinical supervision competencies will be enhanced as participants engage in applied and experiential workshop activities that call for integration of prior conceptual and skill-based learning with a heightened critical analytic focus.

Selected areas of exploration in this workshop reflect needs that have been identified by practicing Canadian clinical supervisors. These include (a) operationally differentiating clinical supervision from other supporting roles and practices (e.g., mentoring, coaching, consulting); (b) establishing a framework for comprehensive clinical supervision sessions (e.g., content coverage, methods employed); (c) competency-based and growth-promoting assessment, feedback, evaluation, and reporting; (d) ethically-congruent clinical supervision documentation (e.g., session summaries, formative reports, summative reports); (e) clinical supervision challenges leading to difficult conversations and/or remediation plans); and (f) crystallizing clinical supervisor identity.

Integral to each of the investigations above will be attunement to the balancing of relationship and process, recognition of the omnipresent power differential given the hierarchical relationships and evaluative components in pre-service and licensure supervision, navigation of ethical conundrums, and fostering deeper diversity awareness, sensitivity, and competence.

This session is being offered during CCPA’s 2022 Hybrid Pre-Conference Day.