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Clinical supervision is a crucial component in the training of helping professionals. In the arena of supervised practice, nascent counsellors integrate theoretical and conceptual learning and apply skills and strategies in vivo. Clinical supervisors are simultaneously tasked with facilitating the professional growth and development of supervisees while safeguarding the wellbeing of clients and the public. Previous studies identified clinical supervision as the third most frequent activity of professional helpers (Norcross, Hedges, & Castle, 2002), and one in which 85-90% of those with 15 or more years of experience participated (Rønnestad, Orlinsky, Parks, & Davis, 1997). Concern was expressed, however, about the lack of formal training required (Scott, Ingram, Vitanza, & Smith, 2000), with Watkins (1997) noting that “Something does not compute (p. 604).

Thankfully, the status of clinical supervision as a specialty practice is evolving from emerging to established, as is our understanding of supervisory relationships and processes. CCPA anticipates heightened demand for clinical supervision across the country and across the career span (i.e., novice through veteran). The increased call for clinical supervisors will reflect developments on the regulatory landscape, dawning recognition of the benefits that accrue from clinical supervision at all levels of practitioner experience, and growing appreciation of clinical supervision as a specialty area of practice with its own unique corpus of knowledge and skills

The purpose of this webpage is to present you with an array of theoretical, empirical, and clinical resources aimed at anchoring your clinical supervision in best practices.
Opportunities to engage in professional development (e.g., webinars, workshops, courses, chapter membership) also will be highlighted.

CCC-S Certification

CCPA's Supervisor Certification is intended
to certify qualified clinical supervisors

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Publications on Supervision

CCPA has published 'The supervision of counselling and psychotherapy handbook: A handbook for Canadian certified supervisors and applicants' & 'Supervision of the Canadian counselling and psychotherapy profession'

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Continuing Education
with the MHA

The Mental Health Academy is a well-regarded professional learning provider that specializes in affordable online courses and video workshops

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Webinars on

Earn CECs by listening to pre-recorded webinars
on the topic of supervision

List of webinars

CCPA Workshops
on Supervision

CCPA regularly offers Clinical Supervision workshops at introductory and advanced levels. Find out what they cover and when they are taking place.

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Counselling Supervision: Theory and Practice (EDUC 5850)

This Master’s level credit course in supervision focuses on fundamental issues in the theory and practice of clinical supervision.

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Looking for a
supervisor or supervisee?

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Are you trying to build supervision capacity in your community?

Have you thought about hosting a CCPA-sponsored supervision workshop?

Contact Karina Albert at the CCPA National Office and she will be happy to help arrange this.

CCPA Clinical Supervision Chapter

Would you like to have access to networking and sharing opportunities with other CCPA members keen to engage in collaborative learning about clinical supervision?

A CCPA special interest Chapter on clinical supervision will be established when there is a sufficient number of CCPA members seeking such a forum for professional connection.

Please contact Karina Albert if you would like your name added to the list of interested members.

Please note that you must be a CCPA Member in good-standing to sign up for a Chapter.

National Clinical Supervision Competency Framework

A framework to establish a collective understanding of what constitutes qualified and competent clinical supervision.

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