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Board of Directors

The CCPA Board of Directors is a policy board. There are thirteen elected directors representing all Canadian provinces and territories. Since 2014, an Aboriginal representative has been appointed to the CCPA Board of Directors each year. The Association’s Executive is made up of the President, President-Elect, Past President, Treasurer and CEO. Together, these professionals conduct research and education activities, and act as managers of the Association. They are responsible for ensuring that the Association’s policies, procedures, initiatives and advocacy activities are consistent with the best interests of our members and the public.

The Board of Directors is the direct link to the voice of CCPA members. As elected representatives, they bring to the table the concerns, interests and contexts of counselling and psychotherapy professionals across the country. In addition to the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors is made up of one representative per region, except in New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario, where there is one French-speaking and one English-speaking director per province. The British Columbia Director also represents the Yukon, the Alberta Director also represents the Northwest Territories, and the Manitoba Director also represents Nunavut. The Director of a region must have his or her principal residence or place of work in the region he or she serves. The CEO of CCPA is a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.

Carrie Foster

Carrie Foster

Carrie Foster is the President Elect of the CCPA. She has been a member of the CCPA since 2010. She has been active in her communities on various boards promoting and advocating for the needs of those she serves. This includes nine years of service on the board member of the Quebec Counselling Association (QCA), most recently as President and past president. 


She is a licensed couple and family therapist and psychotherapist, and a certified Canadian counselor and registered drama therapist. Her career spans over 30 years, with a background in hospital, healthcare and community settings. In particular, she has worked extensively in youth care, developing and leading creative workshops for children and teens, and with homeless women with mental health needs, offering group and individual therapy. Carrie currently specializes in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples. With individuals and families, she integrates psychodynamic, narrative and action-based approaches to address relationship distress, depression, anxiety, trauma and LGBTQ issues. Carrie has a special interest in helping couples navigate sexual intimacy issues. 


Professional Credentials and Affiliations 

  • Licensed couple and family therapist with the Quebec Order of Social Workers and Couple and Family Therapists (OTSTCFQ)
  • Licensed Psychotherapist with the Quebec Order of Psychologists (OPQ)
  • Registered Drama Therapist with the North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA)
  • Canadian Counselling Certification with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)
  • USABP Somatic therapy practitioner.
  • Sensorimotor Psycotherapy Institute Level 2 training in Somatatic therapy
  • ICEEFT Member specialized in Emotionally focused couple therapy
  • Intensive Sex Therapy Program, Guelph University
  • Intensive Sexual Attitudes Reassessment (SAR) Training, American College of Sexologists
  • Member of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT)
  • Senior member of the Montreal Institute for Developmental Transformations (DvT Montreal)
  • Past President of the Quebec Counselling Association
  • Sc., Couple and Family Therapy, McGill University
  • A., Creative Arts Therapies, Concordia University
  • A. Theatre and English Dramaturgy, University of Ottawa

George Maringapasi

President Elect
George Maringapasi

George is a former stand out Olympic Solidarity and NCAA Division 1 Scholar Athlete for his native Zimbabwe and for St. John’s University in New York. After his track and field career, he spent over 15 years providing collaborative, culturally-responsive, community-based services to diverse populations including First Nations, African Canadians and Newcomers to Canada in a broad range of settings from remote northern First Nation communities, to rural, urban, and inner-city settings. 


Since coming to Canada in 2006, George’s work has spanned the lifespan, including facilitating anti-bullying workshops, FASD work, family support, and community- based case management. Currently, he is a Clinical Therapist with the NSHA and works in private practice in New Glasgow. George believes in leadership through service and can be often found volunteering his time to learners, mentoring young athletes, participating in local festivals, and coaching. George completed education and leadership preparation programs at St. John’s University and Acadia University. 

Kathy Offet-Gartner

Past President
Kathy Offet-Gartner

I have a PhD in Counselling Psychology, am a counsellor at Mount Royal University (Calgary), a counselling educator, mentor, supervisor, writer, researcher, and presenter. I have been a long-term member of CCPA and belong to several chapters (Career; Counsellor Educators & Supervisors; Social Justice; the Indigenous Circle, as well as the AB/NWT chapter). I have been involved with the latter three chapters since their inception and have served on the Board of the AB/NWT chapter as PD Director, President-Elect, President, and Past-President. At the national level, I served as the Regional Director for AB/NWT from 2015-19, was honoured to serve as President-Elect for 2019-21, and am excited about assuming the role of President for the 2021-2023 term. Recently I had the distinct privilege of being part of the dedicated team who updated our current Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, such a wonderful learning opportunity and way to contribute to our profession. I believe strongly in the ethics, values, and mission statement of CCPA and love the profession of Counselling! Please feel free to reach out, share stories, and/or ask questions—after all, this is our association and I am so proud to be of service—thank you!

Corrine Hendricken-Eldershaw

Prince Edward Island Director & Treasurer
Corrine Hendricken-Eldershaw

Corrine Hendricken-Eldershaw is a certified counsellor with 25 years of leadership experience in the education and health sectors. Her career encompasses counselling psychotherapy, consultation, diagnostic assessment, adult and health education, grounded in humanistic psychology. She was CEO of the Alzheimer Society and a lecturer in the psychology department at UPEI.

Charity Fleming

Indigenous Director
Charity Fleming

Aanii boozhoo indinawe maaganidog [hello to all my relations].

Anishinaabe kwe indow [I am a life carrier, a woman, of the original peoples – Anishinaabe / Ojibwe].

Anangkwe or Charity ndizhinikaaz [my indigenous spirit name is Anangkwe / Star Woman, my English name is Charity Fleming].

Name ndoodem [my clan is Sturgeon Clan].

Wabauskang First Nation / Sault Ste Marie Ontario / the three great lakes ndoonjibaa besho [I come from around].

Guelph / Belwood Lake ndaa besho [I now live by].

I also identify as having Scottish and Romanian settler origins and following Christian as well as Anishinaabe spiritual practices.

My teachers have included elders, knowledge keepers, professors, family members, and lesson gifters from all of creation. I have a Master of Social work degree and am a Registered Social Worker in Ontario, as well as the 2023 recipient of the Ontario Association of Social Workers Inspirational Leader award.

I have specialized my career within three focus areas: indigenous adapted mental health approaches, treating PTSD, and treating child and adolescent mental health. For my entire career I have prided myself in always working directly within First Nations communities – including 25 different First Nations across Ontario.

I am the CEO and President of a group of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy clinics across Southern Ontario called Qualia Counselling Services. I have been gifted with a wonderful co-owner and non-indigenous ally named Thomas Brown. Together we have built a series of eight clinics that serve indigenous and non-indigenous peoples and has about 100 staff members. We have won awards for our individual, couples and family counselling and teaching and training.

I am also the teaching director of our CBT program offered through Wilfrid Laurier University, Faculty of Social Work. We offer a variety of CBT courses including advanced CBT for Trauma, CBT for Women’s Reproductive Mental Health, and Mikwendaagwad “It is Remembered” Sacred Circle CBT. I am also faculty with Ontario Association of Social Workers and McMaster Michael De Groote School of Medicine.

I look forward to connecting with, hearing, and responding to the needs of our indigenous CCPA members as well as non-indigenous allies. I am honoured to be the Indigenous Director during this term and hope to honour the work done before me while building upon it to move forward the interests of indigenous peoples and community in this role.

Charity Fleming, MSW Registered Social Worker

Indigenous Director Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association

Anangkwe (Star Woman), Name Dodem (Sturgeon Clan), Wabauskang First Nation


Michael Towers

British Columbia – / Yukon Director
Michael Towers

Hello, my name is Michael and I am a psychotherapist in private practice in BC’s Okanagan valley. My passion for counselling started when I was still working in the restaurant business – a profession where I was for twenty years. During that time, I became quite involved in community, which led to work in restorative justice and suicide intervention. I then made the decision to pursue counselling professionally, getting my masters in marriage and family counselling in 2011. 


Being a father of six adult children and now enjoying being a grandparent I have trained experientially and then professionally in family systems and therefore I recognize when I am sitting with a client that this person is connected to so many other people that are not necessarily present in the room with us. I then work with my clients in order to find hope and health and positive connection not just within themselves but also with those key people in their life that they feel connected to as well. 


Instead of becoming a generalist in my counselling approach I have decided to specialize in couples, complex trauma, PTSD, mood disorders, co-occurring disorders and complex identity problems. To that end I have continued receiving training in these areas over the last ten years in order to stay current with research and new helpful approaches so my clients can receive the best of what’s available. I am trained in many different therapeutic modalities that support systems from a non-pathologizing approach. My passion has been Narrative Therapy, in which I have received specialized on-going training because of my love for story and the need to confront and then deconstruct power narratives embedded in the systems around us. 


Outside of my practice I enjoy connecting with nature in a variety of ways as I am fortunate enough to be located in a part of BC that embraces the beauty of each season. I am also an author and enjoy the writing and research that comes with each of my writing projects. I am very active in my profession serving in many different ways, wanting to encourage other clinicians either through my professional supervision services or just as another colleague lifting each other up as we engage together in this work. 

Kevin Alderson

Alberta – / Northwest Territories Director
Kevin Alderson

Kevin Alderson, Ph.D., is a professor emeritus of counselling psychology from the University of Calgary. He has been a registered counseling psychologist since 1986 and served as president of the College of Alberta Psychologists in 2018-2019. 


Dr. Alderson holds the highest level of membership within the International Society of Substance Use Professionals, and he is also a professional member of the Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC). Dr. Alderson sits on the editorial board of both the Journal of Alcoholism, Drug Abuse & Substance Dependence and the Austin Journal of Drug Abuse and Addiction. He holds membership in the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and the American Counseling Association. Between 2008 and 2020, Dr. Alderson was the editor-in-chief of the Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy. He is the founder of both the first doctoral credential in the counseling and psychotherapy field in Canada and of its first doctoral program. 


Dr. Alderson has authored 11 books and several scholarly articles and book chapters. His most recent books include Choosing the Right Counselor for You (2020) and The Concise Guide to Opioid Addiction for Counselors (2021), both co-authored with Samuel T. Gladding and published by the American Counseling Association. He is also the solo author of the 720-page textbook called Addictions Counseling Today: Substances and Addictive Behaviors (2019, Sage Publications). Additionally, he has expertise in LGBTQ+ issues, and has written extensively in this area. 


He completed an MSc in clinical, school, and community psychology from the University of Calgary and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology at the University of Alberta. Dr. Alderson is married and is the father of two adult children. Outside of counseling, he enjoys racket sports, dancing, hiking, camping, and weight training. 

Dawn Horner-Wilson

Saskatchewan Director
Dawn Horner-Wilson

I was born and raised on a farm just north of Saskatoon, near the town of Blaine Lake. After high school, I moved to Saskatoon to study, graduating with a B.A. in Psychology in 1991. Since then, I’ve worked in the mental health field with the Salvation Army (5 years), the Ministry of Social Services (7 years), Canada-Saskatchewan Labour Market Services (7 years) and Saskatchewan Polytechnic (17 years).


I started my master’s program at Athabasca University in 2014 and graduated in 2018. Shortly thereafter, I opened a private practice operating on a part-time basis that is now thriving. I’m leaving my public service job at the end of June 2023 and will be devoting more time to my private practice, where I’m increasingly specializing in helping people with trauma. I took EMDR training in early 2022 and now use this method regularly with my trauma clients.


I believe in Saskatchewan and I’m proud to be from here. The province is in great need of experienced counsellors, and I hope to be able to help increase the number of CACs in the province. I will do my best to be a spokesperson and representative for CACs in Saskatchewan. I’m also delighted that the advisor profession is about to be regulated in Saskatchewan, and I’ll be sitting on the FACT-SK committee. So much great work has been done and continues to be done, and we’ve never been so close to regulation that will enable qualified Saskatchewan advisors to have access to benefits and insurance on the same basis as other regulated professions in the province today.


It’s a pleasure and an honour to work and serve on the CCPA Board of Directors, and I look forward to the adventures and challenges of the next two years!

Victoria Mckay

Manitoba / Nunavut Director
Victoria Mckay

I am an Ojibwe woman living in the Rolling River First Nation community. I hold a Master’s degree in Education (Guidance and Counselling) from Brandon University. My focus is on helping Aboriginal children and families from their perspective and listening to their insights. I currently work with the Child First Initiative based on Jordan’s Principle at the Keeseekoowenin Health and Wellness Centre. I have served on the Rolling River School Division Board of Directors for two terms. I chaired the board for four years, was vice-chair for two years and a member for two years. This experience gave me an appreciation for the work that boards do, including the enriching conversations that lead to positive policy change.


Diversity advocate ready to listen to issues. As a mother, grandmother and spouse, I advocate for reconciliation to have meaning and lasting impact on views and practice. I advocate the use of positive policy language, imbued with respect and humility. Wording can indirectly influence points of view. So I intend to raise awareness of this on the board and in policy work. I live in rural western Manitoba, where transportation and access to services can be limited in small towns and communities. I am committed to conversations and to listening to all points of view, as all voices are valuable in moving towards positive change. I understand the barriers that remote communities face in accessing quality, longer-term care for their overall well-being. I believe in a holistic approach to well-being that takes into account mental, emotional, physical and spiritual factors.

Angelica Germanese

Ontario Anglophone Director
Angelica Germanese

Angelica is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). She is an accredited therapist with the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Association of Canada (CBTAC) and is also a clinical supervisor. Angelica has over 15 years’ professional experience in a variety of settings: private practice, hospital and community mental health services. She is also trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches, including dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), mindfulness, cognitive processing therapy (CPT) and emotion-focused therapy (EFT). She offers individual and group therapy to adults with mood and anxiety disorders. Her main theoretical orientation is cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT). Angelica is a doctoral candidate in counseling and psychotherapy at Yorkville University.

Angelica Germanese

Anne-Marie Kokinski-Corneau

Ontario Francophone Director
Anne-Marie Kokinski-Corneau

Maria De Cicco

Quebec Anglophone Director
Maria De Cicco

Maria is a Canadian Certified Counsellor living in Montreal. She holds degrees in Counselling Psychology and Andragogy. She has been counselling for 35 years in both English and French language education centers working with special needs, youth and adult clients. Her desire to connect with colleagues, collaborate on projects and promote the counselling profession encouraged her to get involved at the local, provincial, national and international level. Some of her more noteworthy roles included: the President of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association; the President of the Québec Counselling Association; the Québec Coordinator for the Canada Career Information Partnership; the Québec Coordinator for the Real Game Series and Blueprint 4Life/Work Designs; the President of the Québec Association for Adult Learning; the Provincial representative for the Québec Working Group for The National Symposium on Career Development; the Québec Director for the Comité aviseur du Forum Francophone sur le partage de produits et de ressources en développement de carrière and a member of the Editorial Team for Canada Prospects. 


Maria has presented at numerous conferences both locally and nationally; participated in a variety of pan Canadian career development projects and symposia; designed career development courses as well as provided professional development workshops for colleagues and clients in the areas of counselling and career development. Maria was selected by the People to People Ambassador Program to lead a delegation of Canadian counsellors to China. This provided counsellors from both countries opportunities to exchange ideas and learn about their respective cultures, policies, curriculum, services and best practices in counselling and career development. Her contributions, leadership, and passion for counselling and career development have been recognized with several prestigious awards. 


As of July 2019, Maria retired to pursue a variety of personal projects and interests, however, she remains committed to the promotion of the counselling profession and is an avid ambassador for the counselling profession. She continues to engage in professional development activities and occasionally provides consulting services. Maria is grateful to once again have the honour  to serve on the CCPA Board as the Québec Anglophone Director and to collaborate with colleagues on different committees. 


Quebec Francophone Director

Kaitlyn Munn

New Brunswick Anglophone Director
Kaitlyn Munn

I am excited to represent New Brunswick as its Anglophone Director for 2021-2023. I join you from the small town of Quispamsis, New Brunswick, a guest of the Wolastoqiyik territory.  It is a privilege to be a member of a fantastic cohort of individuals from across the nation. 


I am a Canadian Certified Counsellor and Licensed Counselling Therapist-Candidate, holding a master’s degree from the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton. I worked for a few months as a Clinical Coordinator and then entered the school system. I have been working as a school counsellor since 2018. I believe in the importance of all of our children and youth having proper supports in their lives to encourage healthy emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. 


When I am not working, I am volunteering for various mental health initiatives, including chairing and co-chairing the Suicide Prevention Committee prior to becoming the Anglophone Director of New Brunswick for the CCPA. I am also involved in the Highland dancing community where I run a lovely dance school and am the Board of Director for ScotDance New Brunswick. 


I look forward to learning more about the CCPA and committees I am on, helping create initiatives, and connecting with more certified counsellors from my own province and other provinces. 


I welcome any ideas, comments, and questions to help support and advocate for our profession. 

Sylvie Desjardins

New Brunswick Francophone Director
Sylvie Desjardins

Tanya Surette

Nova Scotia Director
Tanya Surette

I am grateful to call Mi’kma’ki home and the land where I engage in the inspiriting, invigorating, and rewarding work of counsellor education and as a counsellor, supervisor, and consultant in private practice. I bring to my work a commitment to a feminist ethics of care that upholds social justice and culturally responsive practices and an ongoing responsibility to identify and disrupt systemic forms of oppression that maintain and promote inequity. Currently, I am the program coordinator and a counsellor educator of Acadia’s M.Ed. in Counselling program. I hold registration as a psychologist with the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology, as well as a Canadian Certified Counsellor and Canadian Certified Counsellor Supervisor. I’ve long been a member of CCPA, first as a student member and subsequently a certified member, as well as belonging to several chapters. I believe strongly in promoting the recognition of the professional competencies of counsellors and the advocacy for universal mental health services that are responsive to the needs of individuals and communities. I look forward to serving on the Board of CCPA, as well as representing and advocating for the needs and initiatives of Nova Scotia members

Tanya Surette


Janis Campbell

Newfoundland and Labrador Director
Janis Campbell

Janis is a Canadian Certified Counsellor, clinical supervisor, and educator. Her practice is integrated and grounded in strengths-based, narrative, and solution-focused therapies. She is an EMDR therapist and works collaboratively with her clients using recovery-oriented practice. She is also a certified clinical supervisor and provides supervision services to new and experienced counsellors. Janis is the Peer Support Lead for Stepped Care Solutions, a non-profit consultancy group that aims to promote mental wellness through re-shaping mental health systems. Janis is also a sessional instructor in the Faculty of Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland and is a Doctor of Education student at Western University.

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