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The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) recognizes that the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the well-being of counsellors and psychotherapists. Our members, and the profession as a whole, have quickly adjusted their practice in unprecedented times.

Canadians are seeking mental health support in higher rates due to the pandemic. This places significant additional strain on a profession that is already at high risk for burnout and compassion fatigue. It’s a challenge to continue to support others, while also supporting yourself.

CCPA’s Thank a Therapist platform allows members and non-members alike to highlight the hard work, dedication and commitment of friends, family, colleagues, mentors and peers who are counsellors and psychotherapists. We hope this campaign helps bring together our professional community and boosts the morale of counsellors and psychotherapists across Canada.

Please consider thanking a therapist by sending a card using the form below. Let’s come together, while apart, and support the hard working counsellors and psychotherapists that support Canadians!

Send a Card

To Thank a Therapist, you can send them a message of appreciation by providing the recipient’s email below and selecting the card you’d like to send. You will receive a confirmation that your card was sent successfully. You can send as many cards as you’d like!

Providing your name and email is entirely optional, and cards cannot be traced back to the sender if they choose to send it anonymously. This will allow for members of the public, including clients of therapists, to also use this platform to recognize the contributions of counsellors and psychotherapists in Canada’s pandemic recovery.

  • You can choose to identify yourself by your name, a nickname, or leave this blank to remain anonymous.
  • If you would like a confirmation that your card was sent, you have the option to provide your email address. You can send the card anonymously by leaving your name and email section blank, and only providing the recipient's email.