Starting Over at 35 – Inspiring Story of Career Change

Posted by: Mark Franklin on July 6, 2016 12:40 pm

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On the surface Melissa Hughes had it all. In her words “On the outside, my life at 35 looked great  —  a promising career, a doting partner, an elegant home, things, vacations, a big engagement ring, money in the bank… There was just one problem: I wasn’t happy.”

After a series of career error corrections Melissa sums up her career aspirations as “…wanting to do meaningful things with good people”. Melissa, a communications professional with past careers in journalism and classical music, publicized her tumultuous story of Career & Life change in her Huffington Post article Starting Over at 35.

In this episode of Career Buzz we talk to Melissa about her inspiring story and learn about her mantra on career & life.

Also in this episode; we speak with David Bowman, founder of TTG consulting, a consultancy specialized in corporate career change & transition, about Career Management in organizations and the importance taking control of your own career.

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3 comments on “Starting Over at 35 – Inspiring Story of Career Change”

  1. becca mills says:

    I loved this I’m going through a career change to its a very popular one I’m transitioning from teaching assistant work, I love the bond I make with the children but I hate everything else, stuck inside, bored, looking at the clock, then willing myself not to look at the clock so time goes quicker. I at the lease want a job where I don’t get bored with nothing to do but that I’m doing so much that when I loom at the clock its practically time to go home haha.

    I can one up that I want a career that I’m passionate about and enjoy I need to find a career tile that encapsulates all or some of the following; adventure,travel,culture,charitable works, music and singing. Now that would make me really happy I have looked at job titles that I can realistically get experience and do that kind of job to no avail even looking to see if I can study to get into certain jobs (music therapy) would take to long because I don’t play an instrument skillfully yet and I’m 30. I cannot even find a good careers adviser I live in the UK in a city called Wolverhampton its not tiny but it is a lot smaller than london lots smaller.

    If anyone has any ideas, or helpful suggestion I’d really appreciate the help 🙂

  2. Pawan says:

    With my experience, I have learned that don’t be scared of changes, and that applies to career too.
    afterall change is the only permanent thing

    Live to your fullest, take up again to progress.
    If the job doesn’t gives you happiness, you deserve something better

  3. Preksha says:

    Career change can never be an easy decision, but if we don’t get job satisfaction and the happiness as an outcome of what we are doing, it’s a logical step to take…kudos to those who do it even at a later stage…it’s never too late to choose happiness for oneself 🙂

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