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Posted by: Linda AK Thompson on September 30, 2013 10:14 am

 Emerging Field of Psychotraumatology in Canada

I have returned from a 5 month journey venturing into the Depth Psychology Alliance (DPA); a fruitful endeavor indeed.  The impetus remains inherent in those unbound, existential moments experienced personally within healing moments, and professionally during critical occasions and intimate therapeutic conversational levels, facilitating titrations – the traversing of mystical spaces inherent in the spectrum of the trauma/healing vortices, referred to in previous articles.

Virtually connecting with the innate and immaterial is good medicine for one’s soul for we need good vibrations to release trauma anomaly inherent in Complex PTSD profiles and difficulties with self-regulating stressors and deep-seated triggers – the picking and mining away of one’s survival earned trauma amnesic barriers (TAB), and the re-opening, revisiting of one’s old trauma memories/wounds contained within.

That is one long thoughtful sentence and thoughtfulness is essential for survivors of trauma, especially and essential from one’s helping professionals who will not know what their clients have contained within.  There are similarities; however there are vast differences with unique individual expressions, treatment responses and need for creating community care plans and teams which client’s need to be able to self-direct or as I call it – be the captain of their own healing ship/journey.

My 5 month sojourn into the blogosphere of DPA was and remains very thought provoking – ideodynamic stimulation, and in my opinion, the best blogosphere – depth space with offerings it has been my good fortune to find.  The founder, Bonnie is an amazingly kind and generous woman and alongside with the board, the richness with advanced links into many sites: members web page that helps keeps track of your ventures with posts to friends, multiple-author blog site (MAB), continuing educational groups, webinars, book clubs, newsletter – a community steeped in the deep with much to offer – check for yourself

And so, I left my blogging here, while I travelled there with my 30 year old question in hand -where had I been all my life and what planet was I on?  I survived my near-death experiences [6 pack moments].  I have been blessed in my healing work for which I will be eternally grateful, however, I still want to know more about this unbelievable primitive, naïve innocent sense of my being at my core.

The Father of New Age – Depth Psychology is C.G. Jung and I have mentioned the 5 levels of conversation, in a previous article that is based upon Jung’s protective layers of the collective unconscious noted in depth psychology.  The Red Book is a recent post-humorous publication of his works about a century ago detailed self-experiment into his own depths.

The Red Book is capturing new and old psychoanalytical attention and a controversy is brewing.  All kinds of deep matters are brewing from around the globe and we are Canadian counsellors and will need to revisit some of the similarities, mysteries from across the ages, especially in light of the fact that within our young, democratic country with a secular, multicultural based society – the citizens of Quebec are in the midst of controversy too, in the form of values.

The global communities are facing the moral dilemma of the recent chemical warfare used in the Middle East and Jung lived through the last time chemical warfare was used in WW1, plus survived WW2.  The super-powers are debating what are the consequences of breaking a United Nations Law established after WW1? 

Pope Francis is leading the way towards provocative changes for the Catholic Church.

The paradigm shift, mentioned in a previous article, is emerging once again and it is time for me to re-visit and open my sealed dissertation completed in 1996.

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