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Posted by: Derrick Shirley on February 8, 2012 11:39 am

Tip #78: Feel the power of your freedom.

You are free to choose and follow any path in your life and/or your career. Make choices that support, and are aligned with your goals. If you are unclear of your life or career path, set time aside to review or renew it, or ask for help if needed.

Be grateful for your freedom to choose and exercise it.


 Tip #196: The Bloodless Battle – A Warrior’s Tale.

He stared down at the sword in his hands. It was heavy and beautiful; yet despite the battle, it was clean. There was no blood upon it.

‘How can this be?’ he pondered. ‘I am so weary from battle, my hands show the blisters of combat, my chest is tight from fatigue.’

A rustling to his aft caused his skin to tingle; he was not alone. He spun about, raised his mighty sword once again and prepared to strike. On a rock, there sat an old man, staring at him, stroking his long grey beard.

“Warrior. You wish to know why there is no blood upon your sword. Yes?”

Puzzled, but curious, the warrior nodded, “Yes old man, I do. I am weary, my hands are blistered and my breath short. Yet my sword has no memory of battle? Did I not fight?

“You fought well warrior, but your sword is of little use here. You fight an enemy of your own making.”

“I have little use for riddles old man. If you are friend, tell me of my enemy. If you are foe, my blade will determine your destiny.” the warrior retorted.

“Your enemy is real, yet imagined; ever present, yet never within reach. You adorn your enemy with gifts, keepsakes and create sacred halls, yet you willingly languish in their prisons. You hold tight the blades of their swords, even as they cut you.”

“You have lost your sense old man. How can an enemy be real, yet imagined; present, yet out of reach? I would never adorn my enemy with any of which you speak, not gifts, not keepsakes, not sacred halls and would certainly die before I languish in their prisons. I grow tired of your mockery. If I cannot use my sword, then what is my weapon?”

The old man stood up, walked toward the warrior and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“My son, you must embrace your enemy, not fight with it. You must honour it, but not pay homage to it. You must carry it with you, but be not burdened by it.”

“But old man, I still do not know who my enemy is, nor the weapon I must use to conquer it.”

“Warrior” the old man said, “Your enemy is the Past. Your weapon is the Present.”


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