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Posted by: Derrick Shirley on March 13, 2012 9:58 am

Tip #26: Try Some Potato Peel Push Ups


If it is your turn to cook tonight, do some exercises in the kitchen while you prepare the food.

Try some deep knee bends, various stretches or yoga poses, counter push ups or dips, or do lunges as you walk around the kitchen from the fridge to the stove to the sink.

If you really get into it, create some of your own new exercises and/or pair them with your preparation activities such as, “Potato Peel Push Ups” (after every potato peeled, you do one push up), or “Dish Washin’ Deep Knee Bends” (after you wash a plate or glass, you do one deep knee bend). There are no limits to your imagination so have some exercise fun while you are in the kitchen.

As you are cooking healthy, you can be thinking healthy and squeezing in a little exercise.


Tip #98: Make friends with your acquaintances.

Spend an evening with someone new, chat with your neighbour a little longer, or make a coffee date with your co-worker.

Let the smiling socialite inside you out to play and love the love you feel in return.


Tip #223: Tough times call for tough measures?

During challenging financial or personal circumstance (i.e., “tough times”), this common phrase suggests we fight fire with fire and respond in kind with a similar blend of toughness.

Here are 3 things to “get tough on” during a recession, from a self-care perspective:

 1. Get tough on breaks. Pushing yourself and over-working can be detrimental to your long-term health. What’s the point of ‘saving for a rainy day’ if you are too exhausted to go outside?

2. Get tough on spending. Over-spending to be more precise. It can be fun to go shopping, but buying something just for the sake of it and pushing your credit card limits is unconscious spending.

3. Get tough with your passion. In tough times, people will often do, out of fear, “whatever it takes” to get by financially. While we all have basic needs of food, shelter and clean water, if you can find a way to stick with your passion during tough times and still make ends meet, when the tough times are over, you will be that much further ahead.


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