Tracking Your Mood the Techie Way

Posted by: Dawn Schell on December 15, 2014 3:40 pm

It’s not easy to keep up with all of the latest websites or apps that are out there related to Mental Health. It seems as if there are new sites being developed every day and not all of them are of equal value.  Sometimes sorting out which ones might be useable can feel overwhelming.   So when I learn about something new that has been developed by a reputable source I like to share the information.

These two fairly recent additions to the Technology and Mental Health field were both developed through the University of British Columbia (UBC). While both focus on improving one’s mental health they take dramatically different approaches.

MoodFx[1], developed in partnership between the Mood Disorders Clinic and UBC’s eHealth Strategy Office, is “an interactive app designed to help people with depression and low mood feel better”. The main purpose for using this site is the tracking and managing of symptoms.   You can do screening tests for depression and anxiety, keep track of your symptoms, set reminders for yourself, see your progress over time and receive helpful tips.  They also include a helpful list of resources.

I can see how helpful MoodFx would be for some of my clients, particularly when it comes to tracking one’s progress over time.   It appears to be free and is open to anyone over 19 years of age.

The next site is Walkalong: Your Journey to Mental Wellness.[2] Walkalong has been developed by a another team of researchers and practitioners at UBC. The creators of this website say “we like to see WalkAlong as a companion; someone to walk along with you during your journey to better mental health. This portal is a Canadian-based mental health resource that also provides information and links to existing mental health care resources for friends & family members”.

What is unique about this site is it is meant to be an online community where young Canadians can explore their mental health. They can share things they have found helpful (music, videos, quotes, books, ideas) or they can simply store those on the site for their own use in a section called “the locker”.

One of the coping strategies section of the website is Mindsteps. This is a page with visuals – click on the visual and you will find tips and reminders about things that can help you get through the day. For example, go for a walk, reach out, take a break, do the worst thing first.

Similar to MoodFX you can do a mental health assessment and keep track of your mood, sleep, etc. There are articles about issues related to mental wellness, links to resources, an Encyclopedia on mental illness, self-help exercises, personal stories and even an iTunes University course on depression.

Two excellent additions to my toolbox. Check them out and maybe add them to yours.


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