The Emerging Field of Psychotraumatology in Canada

Posted by: Linda AK Thompson on October 19, 2012 12:00 pm

Reflections of a Trauma Nurse/Counsellor’s Academic, Research & Clinical Experiences

Neo-Ericksonian Approaches to Persuasive Healing [3]

The use of Eriksonian hypnotic techniques helps to locate sources of psychological and physical pain to facilitate the natural healing powers of the individual.  A wholistic application of hypnosis incorporates wellness, higher consciousness and optimum performance.  Trance can be used effectively to promote joy and harmony as well as quiet disharmony. 

The promotion of wellbeing is a more efficient and beneficial focus of attention than a constant concern with diagnosis and cure.  Specific, identifiable thoughts, actions and experiences create wellbeing and peak performance.  Internal and external events are available to everyone, but not everyone pays attention to them or takes advantage of them.  Clinical application of hypnotic trance is an effective way to direct attention toward these events.  

Goals of Healing Trance:

  1. To capture attention
  2. To focus and nourish wellbeing
  3. To promote contentment
  4. To support optimal wellbeing
  5. To precipitate peak experiences
  6. To expand self-awareness, self-expression and self-mastery

Healing Trance Employs:

  1. Metaphors: is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or ideas is used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them. (i.e., drowning in money).
  2. Stories:
  3. Direct or Indirect Suggestions Found in: 
  • found in poetic allusions (hinting)rhymes
  • puns – humorous use of a word in such a way as to suggest two or more of its meanings or the meaning of another word similar in sound
  • mythic symbols
  • entrancing rhythms

      4.     Advantages of Healing Trance:

  1. Flexible and adaptive
  2. Conforms to the needs and interests of most people
  3. A direct route to wellness as a way to pay attention to relevant landmarks to provide a pleasant trip.

Elastic waves of the earth and waves of a human life energy field are phenomena innate within and requires the use of mathematical equations, sensory-perceptual ability or words to discuss these matters that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye equipped with two dimensional vision.  The nature/nurture controversy remains.  I believe it is important for all helping professionals to comprehend the gist of complexity inherent in human nature.

To serve the purposes of this article, I will reduce my thesis into a paragraph: a succinct statement to introduce my hypothesis concerning the nature of a person: 

A person is a 3 dimensional being of mind, body and spirit with both open and closed systems contained within a heavy vessel, named and known as the self, affected and influenced by many factors/forces surrounding and operating within the spirit of the  being (etheric body, light vessel/body, breath/life essence) that is known before we are born and contained within the  physical body (heavy vessel/form); embodied or  disembodied (out-of-body) or in a mind-altered state,  but never-the-less grounded by electromagnetic fields within and on planet earth which orbits within a vast universe Star Treckee’s call the ‘final frontier’ and simply awaits departure upon final breath…[4]. 

Phenomena:  is extraordinary or remarkable material known through the senses rather than thought or intuition. Phenomenology is the study of human consciousness and self-awareness as a preface to or a part of philosophy containing descriptors of the formal structure of the objects of awareness, and of awareness itself, in abstraction from any claims concerning existence (the internal time consciousness).  Phenomena can be about the rare, significant, unusual, or an abnormal person, thing or occurrence of scientific interest susceptible of scientific explanation description and explanation [2].  Grief is one example of a phenomenal experience!

Wave:  undulation coined in 1646 describes vibrations – the rising and falling of waves, a wavelike motion to and fro in a fluid or elastic medium propagated continuously among its particles, but with little or no permanent translation of the particles in the direction of the propagation.  In 1802, undulatory theory was coined and is a theory in physics: light is transmitted from luminous bodies to the eye and other objects by an undulatory movement called wave theory.  The vibration is the pulsation caused by the vibrating together of two tones not quite in unison.  A wavy appearance, outline or form [2].

Cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) is encased and baths the ominous central nervous system (CNS) which is a closed system and has a vibrational rhythm deeply connected to breath.

Cranial-sacral treatments is an kinesthetic, healing art form and trained body workers can feel and work with the rhythm referred to as the cranio-sacral pulse, typically at 6-8 beats per minute and facilitate healing. 

My research dream is to convert pre/post-treatment trauma assessment scores to visually be able to see an artistic representation of a person’s trauma/healing vortices and gaze upon timeless waveforms [4]. 

Author:  Dr. Linda AK Thompson, BGS, MA, CCC, PsyD, FAAETS
Owner, Matrix of Trauma (© MOT ™):  Research, Advocacy, Healing


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  1. Dear Dr. Linda A. K. Thompson

    Good afternoon, I really enjoyed reading your latest article. Is it possible to use hypnotherapy for sufferers of chronic pain? Is there a typically number of sessions employed to reach a maximum result? Does hypnotherapy last, or is there a gradual return of the problem? As a layman in the area of hypnotherapy, I am quite intrigued by the use of hypnotherapy and it’s overall benefit.

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