Resources for Coping with Anxiety in the Summer Time

Posted by: Tanya Levy on July 20, 2015 2:11 pm

July 20th, 2015

Summertime can be a beautiful time for rejuvenation and rest. It offers fresh air and sunshine for walks in nature, gardening or time at the beach. There is also opportunity for reconnecting with family and friends or for solitude and time alone. For some, reconnecting with family can bring up old feelings which can lead to anxiety before, during and after visits. Here are some suggestions and resources for dealing with anxiety:sailing-601541_640

1. Recognize what anxiety feels like for you
Anxiety can feel different for everyone. You might have racing thoughts, sweaty palms, or feel short of breath. If you can simply notice the symptoms and say to yourself, “here I go getting anxious”, it can take the pressure off of having to do anything. Sometimes noticing is enough. To help you notice how you are feeling in your body, one technique is to do a body scan. Here is a 10 minute body scan practice video to help ground you by Elisha Goldstein

2. Cultivate Mindfulness
Noticing allows us to be mindful and focused on the present moment. Dr. Russ Harris has a helpful section on mindfulness on his website and free resources too. Check out . Meditation can also help you become more present focused. Being present and focused allows you to focus on now and let other thoughts go. Here is a mindfulness meditation with Jon Kabat Zinn to help you be more mindful.

3. Take time to breathe
You can also stop, take a breath or drink a glass of water and breathe through the symptoms. There is no right way to breathe or center yourself. You can begin by noticing your breath going in 1, 2, 3 and out 1, 2, 3. If you are looking for tips on how to manage anxiety, visit the Anxiety slayer blog at Naomi Goodlet also has helpful tips about dealing with anxiety

4. Be gentle with yourself
As you learn more about what strategies help you, remember to be compassionate with yourself. We all have moments of anxiety. Cultivating self-compassion and loving kindness will help build your capacity to manwoman-407179_640age anxiety symptoms. Dr. Kristen Kneff’s work is very helpful for self-compassion. You can find her work at Jack Kornfield has meditations on loving kindness at Sharon Salzberg has meditations and podcasts on centering at Karen Drucker’s song Gentle With Myself is a beautiful way to embrace gentleness at

5. Live in the Moment
Ultimately anxiety is about living in the moment and feeling present to face what is before you one moment at a time. Christine Callahan-Oke reminds us to live in the moment at

Additional resources for dealing with anxiety:

– Mara Glatzel and the realm of possibility

– Paige Burkes’ blog on Simple Mindfulness

– Hannah Marcotti reminds us to breathe

By: Tanya Levy, MSW, RSW, CCC





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