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Posted by: Priya Senroy on July 8, 2011 1:24 pm

In this July blog, I continue to share with you some amazing work happening in other parts of the world in the field of using creative arts as a counselling process.

This video illustrates how classes in acrobatics may be combined with group counselling concerning setting and obtaining goals in life within the realms of
social work. It provides guidelines for those in charge of acrobatics and counselling classes.

The facilitators recommended that if this combination methodology is meant to be used with a specific group of participants over a number of classes in acrobatics ideally over a period of at least a few months, involving at least 10 classes organized at regular intervals. Classes in acrobatics will help build confidence and self-esteem of participants. The counseling methodology is designed to capitalize on learning points classes in acrobatics provide concerning how to set and obtain goals in life.

Again this is for facilitators who are skilled in the language of acrobatics and for others who may want to get inspired to combine an art form that they are experts in with counselling.


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