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Posted by: Priya Senroy on December 13, 2012 12:00 pm

2102 is nearly over…..Like many, I have reflecting on this year….in terms of my career-projects  that I started, projects that had to be axed, people who enriched me, people who brought me down and most important—the people I interacted with . As the year winds down, I am also taking stock of my creativity and  thinking what can I do different next year, what ‘out of the box’ ideas can I incorporate in my ’talk therapy’ ….How can I challenge my practice and my clients to  engage creatively as they  problem solve or have a shift in their paradigm of thinking ?????  So I went around looking for some quotes in the cyber world on increasing creativity that I could perhaps keep as reminders whenever I feel a ‘CREATIVE BLAH’. So here they are

Quotes for increasing creativity

“Do tie creative interventions to evidence-based practices and be sure to have a solid case conceptualization,” “Do seek out resources,” They’re out there to help you.”

 “Don’t limit yourself by thinking, ’I am not a good artist, I’m not a photographer, I don’t do yoga, I don’t have an herb garden,’” “Remember, it’s about the process, not the product.”

“Do invite clients of any age to exercise their creativity,” “No matter what age we are, we can be stuck in our typical ways of solving our problems — ineffective or not!”

“Do seek supervision, research and consult on the appropriateness and effectiveness of your method,”

“Do ask clients to try only those activities or experiences that you, yourself, feel comfortable experiencing,”

“Don’t underestimate your own creativity and ability to develop creative interventions,”

“Do be aware of the depth that the creative process may lead a client to experience,” “Always make sure you leave time at the end of the session to help your client transition from the creative world back into everyday reality.”

 “Do not in any way judge or assess clients’ work,” “It is important that you take on the role of witness, not critic, when clients engage in the creative arts.”

“Do not force any clients to ’create’ if they are not ready or invested,” “Even children should be able to make choices about their therapy time.”

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

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