Conscious Couples

Posted by: Lisa Shouldice on September 30, 2015 7:00 am



The idea of “Conscious Couples” has been getting thrown around a lot lately. I even use the idea/concept in my work with couples now, including a quick article if I feel the couple I am working with may be receptive to it.

A Conscious Couple in a nutshell, is the idea that personal growth and healing are a part of coupling and even a goal that is important to the couple and their relationship. These are couples that recognize they came to the relationship with a history, including personal triggers and experiences. They recognize that they need to own these triggers and experiences to be in healthy relationship, and most importantly they are committed to both themselves and their partner thriving and contributing in the world beyond themselves.

I am excited about this trend because those couples that are ready to embrace it are reaching for a new level of secure, healthy attachment. Partnering is no longer just about attaching to each other and knowing we can depend on our partner to support us, but also using that secure, healthy bond to reach out beyond the couple unit, or even family unit, and take care of the community and our world. It is about contributing and shining bright in our own unique way. The next stages of evolution that have been breaking out and developing for awhile!

So a part of the motivation and purpose to connecting with our partner is with the goal of bringing that loving, healthy energy beyond ourselves. This positive energy then feeds back to us and that healing, loving energy becomes easier to connect with in our daily lives.

This is a new level of motivation to have healthy connections and work on ourselves, healing our past, owning our piece in conflicts and disagreements, allowing and even encouraging our partners to let their experience flow through them, without judgment. This helps us to bring our healthiest selves to our work in the world, bringing compassion and love. What a wonderful trend!

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