A Summer Reading List

Posted by: Dawn Schell on June 28, 2013 3:51 pm

Summer is fast approaching and we have a tradition in our household of setting summer goals.  Trails we want to hike, new places to explore, farmers’ markets, days at the beach and, of course, the ubiquitous summer reading list.  Ah, summer!

It’s not all fun and games or light summer fiction.  Here’s what’s on my serious summer reading list.

In May the American Telemedicine Association released their new “Practice Guidelines for Video-based Online Mental Health Services.  You can download the guidelines for free here – http://www.americantelemed.org/practice/standards/ata-standards-guidelines/practice-guidelines-for-video-based-online-mental-health-services

While you are there you may want to check out their other resources.

Call me strange but I will also be cruising through Azy Barak’s Index of References related to the Internet and Psychology looking for articles that attract my attention.  Such an excellent resource. 


An issue that has been coming up in the past while with clients is video game addiction.   So I will be reading more about it on Dr. Brent Conrad’s site http://www.techaddiction.ca

and on Mike Langlois’ site http://gamertherapist.com/blog/gaming-and-therapy/

 That should take care of the summer.   After all I still need time to do all those other summery activities!  

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