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Children’s Self-Esteem and Parental Influence (Part One of Three)

Posted by: Asa Don Brown on April 15, 2011 3:16 pm

Developing children’s self-esteem begins with the life of the parents.  What is self-esteem? Self-esteem is the ability to be assured of one’s own abilities, talents, worth, value, as well as, having personal acceptance, approval and respect for oneself.

Parents’ insecurities are frequently injected into the life of their children; therefore, becoming the children’s own set of insecurities. Parents’ vulnerabilities commonly become those of their children.   Parents’ strengths and optimism can be an asset for their children. Ultimately, children are a mirrored reflection of the life lived by their parents.  If parents’ have a particular set of perceived vulnerabilities, limitations, negative self-talk, weaknesses, or negative habitual acts, then the propensity that their children will develop such negative behaviors are increased.  Likewise, if parents have developed positive habits, self-talk, and perceivable strengths; their children are placed in an advantageous position to develop a positive self-esteem.

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