Resolutions and Change in the New Year

Posted by: Maritza Rodriguez on January 23, 2012 8:00 am

The beginning of the year marks a time that many people make resolutions in their lives. Some want to make major overhauls while others are looking to fine tune their behavior. This is the traditional time to want to make a change as the calendar transitions from one year into another.

Change is a constant in the development of human beings. Bodies change and people grow.  Mental capabilities are strengthened and our ability to analyze and adapt to situations bring wisdom. Many believe that there is very little change in adulthood but that is far from the truth. While children and adolescents undergo the largest transformation, human beings never cease growing.

While change is an ongoing process, many often take on too much change at one time or lack the motivation to sustain a resolution. It often becomes an overwhelming process, rather than an opportunity for growth.

Research indicates that there are both processes and stages of change. According to “Changing for Good” by Prochaska, Norcross and DiClementi, the Processes of how we change include: consciousness-raising, social liberation, emotional arousal, self re-evaluation, commitment, environmental control, countering, rewards and helping relationships. The Stages of when we change include: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance and termination.

Awareness of how and when change occurs increases the probability of achieving the goal. Additionally, recognizing that helping relationships can be an essential element in making a permanent change can help the person set up the needed support system to thrive in the process. This is when a counsellor can be of particular help. Having an objective professional assist in increasing awareness, identifying blocks and providing support along the way, can make the process a genuinely thought provoking and challenging journey that accomplishes personal satisfaction.

Counselling can provide the supportive environment to achieve resolutions as it provides information, knowledge, trust, support and consciousness building. If you are ready to take the next major step in your life, consider getting assistance from a professional counsellor.

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