Noticing signs & clues in planes & rooms

Posted by: Mark Franklin on December 17, 2015 4:36 pm

pandaHow did Yollanda Zhang know to quit her engineering job at GE and become a teacher? Already questioning the purpose of her work, she was on a flight sitting next to a Catholic priest who also was formerly an engineer. He told Yollanda about hearing stories of life and career regrets from his parishioners. “It was a sign,” Yollanda told Career Buzz listeners (Nov. 11, 2015).

But still she wasn’t sure. “I’ve always loved teaching,” Yollanda said. Then, at an info session for the B.Ed. program at U of Toronto, another sign. With hundreds of people in the room already, Yollanda sits in one of the few remaining seats, to find sitting next to her, “another Yollanda, not a common name, and also a female engineer deciding to quit her job to become a teacher.” This sign clinched it. Both Yollandas resigned from their jobs and became teachers. “We’re both happy in our career and have never looked back.”

How do the clues apply to you? If you’re in a career quandary, be inspired by Yollanda’s stories of noticing signs and clues – then taking inspired action. The next clue Yollanda followed was the demand for Mandarin language skills. She took inspired action to transfer her teaching skills and founded Mandarin language school, Panda Mandarin.

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