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In order to become certified with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, you must hold a Master’s degree in counselling or a related professional field and meet the CCPA’s certification criteria.

For your convenience, CCPA has put together a list of Masters-level counselling and counselling-related programs.

Please note that these links are provided as a resource to help you in your search; CCPA does not guarantee certification following the completion of any of these programs and it’s your responsibility to be sure that you meet the requirements for certification. However, please note that graduates from programs accredited by CCPA’s Council on Accreditation of Counsellor Education Programs (CACEP) are eligible to be considered for fast-tracked certification procedures. These lists are not exhaustive. The information is valid as of May 18th, 2017 and may have changed since then.

Masters-Level Programs in Counselling


UniversityProgram NameProgram LevelSpecializationsProgram ContactTitlePhoneEmail
Athabasca UniversityCounsellingM.C.– Art Therapy
– Counselling Psychology
– School Counselling
Admissions TeamAdmissions Team1-888-409-2183[email protected]
Yorkville UniversityCounselling PsychologyM.A. 8 individuals in departmentAdmission advisors1-855-260-2680[email protected]


UniversityProgram NameProgram LevelSpecializationsProgram ContactTitlePhoneEmail
Athabasca UniversityCounsellingM.C.– Art Therapy
– Counselling Psychology
– School Counselling
Admissions TeamAdmissions Team1-888-409-2183[email protected]
City UniversityMaster of CounsellingM.C*note: this program has locations in both Edmonton and CalgaryMichael GrienkeEnrolment Advisor1-800-663-7466[email protected]
St. Stephen’s CollegeMaster of Psychotherapy and SpiritualityMPSArt Therapy
* Please note that this institution is affiliated with the University of Alberta
Olga PerjuAssociate Chair & Faculty Lecturer780-439-7311[email protected]
University of AlbertaEducational PsychologyM.Ed– Counselling Psychology (thesis and course-based)
– School Counselling
– School & Clinical Psychology
Dr. Jessica Van VlietProgram Coordinator, Counselling Psychology & School Counselling
Program Coordinator, School & Clinical Child Psychology
780-492-5245[email protected]
University of CalgaryMaster of Education in School and Applied Child Psychology
M.Ed.Thesis-basedStacey GooliaffGraduate Program Administrator403-220-2680[email protected]
Master of Counselling
M.C.Professional (Online) Course-Based (M.Sc & M.C)
Research (On Campus)
 Graduate Program Administrator403-220-5675[email protected]
Counselling Psychology
M.Sc.Professional (Online) Course-Based (M.Sc & M.C)
Research (On Campus)
Edith MandevilleGraduate Program Administrator403-220-3585[email protected]



University of Lethbridge

Masters of Education (Counselling Psychology)M.Ed.– Counselling Psychology (On Campus)Courtney MerkleProgram Specialist403-329-2256[email protected]
Master of CounsellingM.C.– Counselling Psychology (Blended)Courtney MerkleProgram Specialist403-329-2256[email protected]
 Addictions and Mental Health PsychotherapyG.D.AddictionsCindy GaetzInstructor III403-332-4093[email protected]



British Columbia

UniversityProgram NameProgram LevelSpecializationsProgram ContactTitlePhoneEmail
Adler School of Professional Psychology (Vancouver Campus)Counselling PsychologyM.A Dr. Asa-Sophia MaglioProgram Director604-482-5518[email protected]
Master of Counselling PsychologyMCP Dr. Asa-Sophia MaglioProgram Director604-482-5518[email protected]
CounsellingMCPArt TherapyDr. Duanita EleniakProgram Director604-988-5689[email protected]

City University

Master of CounsellingM.C*note: this program is offered in both Vancouver and VictoriaMarien FarberEnrolment Advisor1-800-588-5002[email protected]
School CounsellingM.Ed. *note: this program is offered in Vancouver, Victoria and KelownaMarien FarberEnrolment Advisor1-800-588-5002[email protected]
Gonzaga UniversityMaster of CounsellingM.C Dr. Michelle GhostonProgram Director509-313-3848[email protected]
Simon Fraser UniversityCounselling PsychologyM.A & M.Ed– Counselling Psychology (M.A & M.Ed) 

Candice Chic

Admissions & Course Registration778-782-3987[email protected]
Educational PsychologyM.Ed. & M.A. Dr. Elina BirminghamAcademic CoordinatorN/A[email protected]
The University of British ColumbiaSchool PsychologyM.A & M.Ed Dr. Laurie FordCNPS Admissions
604–822–0091[email protected]
Counselling PsychologyM.A & M.Ed– School Counselling
– Counselling in Higher Education
– Community and Agency Counselling
– Vocational and Rehabilitation Counselling
Dr. Bill BorgenCNPS Area Coordinator604–822–5768[email protected]
Trinity Western UniversityMarriage and Family TherapyM.A*note: this program is offered by the Associated Canadian Theological Schools of Trinity Western UniversityJohan (Ian) VerseveldtProgram Director604-555-3532 ext. 3136[email protected]
Counselling PsychologyM.A.Thesis and non-thesis track availableDr. Janelle KweeProgram Director, Research Co-Coordinator604- 513-2034[email protected]
University of Northern British ColumbiaMaster of EducationM.EdCounselling Specialization, with program routes of a comprehensive exam, project, or thesisLi​nda O’NeillMEd Regional Coordinator250-960-6414[email protected]
University of VictoriaCounselling PsychologyM.AAreas of focus:
– Trauma
– School/Higher Education Counselling
– Aboriginal Counselling
– Addictions
– Diversity
Tim BlackDepartment Chair250-721-7820[email protected]




UniversityProgram NameProgram LevelSpecializationsProgram ContactTitlePhoneEmail
Brandon UniversityEducationM.EdGuidance and CounsellingDr. Chris BrownDepartment Chair, Educational Psychology & Student Services204-727-7406[email protected]
Université de Sainte-BonifaceCounsellingM.EdLes cours de cette spécialisation sont également offers en ligne.Faculty of Education and Professional Studies 204-233-0210, ext. 302 
University of ManitobaEducationM.EdCounselling Psychology    
University of WinnipegMarriage and Family TherapyM.M.F.T Dr. Narumi TaniguchiProgram Director 204-786-9156 [email protected]
Providence Theological SeminaryCounselling PsychologyM.A Glenys Wirch, CPGC, D.Min.Department Chair204-433-7488 ext. 264[email protected]



UniversityProgram NameProgram LevelSpecializationsProgram ContactTitlePhoneEmail
Briercrest College and SeminaryMariage and Family TherapyM.A. Dr. Margaret ClarkeCounselling Department Head [email protected]
Briercrest College and SeminaryMaster of Counselling M.A.Dr. Margaret ClarkeCounselling Department Head[email protected]
University of ReginaEducationM.EdEducational Psychology Stream (Thesis, practicum or course-based routes)

Linda Jiang

Graduate Program Coordinator306-585-4506[email protected]

New Brunswick

UniversityProgram NameProgram LevelSpecializationsProgram ContactTitlePhoneEmail
Université de MonctonMaitrise ès arts en orientationM..A.OOrientationMarianne CormierDean, Faculty of Education 506-858-4400[email protected]
University of New BrunswickCounsellingM.Ed. Carol Ann HathewayCoordinator of Student Programs506-451-6999[email protected]
Yorkville UniversityCounselling PsychologyM.A. 8 individuals in departmentAdmission advisors1-855-260-2680[email protected]


UniversityProgram NameProgram LevelSpecializationsProgram ContactTitlePhoneEmail
Memorial University of NewfoundlandEducationM.EdCounselling PsychologyDr. Rhonda JoyActing Dean, Faculty of Education  [email protected]


Nova Scotia

UniversityProgram NameProgram LevelSpecializationsProgram ContactTitlePhoneEmail
Acadia UniversityCounsellingM.EdCounselling:
– School Counselling Stream
– Agency Stream
*(Thesis & non-thesis options available for both streams)
   1-800-565-6568 [email protected]



UniversityProgram NameProgram LevelSpecializationsProgram ContactTitlePhoneEmail
Saint Paul UniversityCounselling and SpiritualityM.A– Individual counselling
– Couple counselling
– Spiritual care
*A collaborative program in Women’s Studies at the MA level is also available
Martin BlaisProgram Director 613-236-1393, ext.: 2273[email protected]
The University of Western OntarioCounselling PsychologyMAThesis optionDr. Jason Brown or Dr. Susan RodgerFaculty of Education519-661-2099[email protected] or [email protected]
University of GuelphFamily Relations and Applied NutritionM. ScCouple and Family TherapyShauna PorterGraduate Program Assistant519-824-4120 x53968[email protected]
University of OttawaEducationM.A & M.EdCounselling PsychologyDavid SmithCoordinator613-562-5800 ext. 5804[email protected]
University of TorontoCounselling PsychologyM.A. and M.Ed– Clinical and Counselling Psychology
– Counselling and Psychotherapy
– Guidance and Counselling
– Global Mental Health and Counselling Psychology
Dr. Lana SternacProgram Chair416-978-0722[email protected]
Wilfrid Laurier University
TheologyM.A.Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy
*Please note that this program is offered through Wilfrid Laurier University
Kristine LundInterim Principal-Dean519-884-0710 x4840[email protected]
Canada Christian College & School of Graduate Theological StudiesChristian CounsellingM.C.C.– General
– Addiction
– Pastoral Care
– Marriage and Family
Dr. Clarence DuffDean, Christian Counselling416-391-5000 Ext. 261[email protected]
Tyndale SeminaryCounsellingM.DivCounselling 


Emmanuel CollegeMaster of Pastoral Studies


MPS-Spiritual Care

-Social Service

-Worship and Preaching

[email protected]


UniversityProgram NameProgram LevelSpecializationsProgram ContactTitlePhoneEmail
Concordia UniversityCreative Arts TherapiesM.A– Art Therapy
– Drama Therapy
– Music Therapy
Mary RawlinsDepartment Coordinator,
Creat Arts Therapies
848-2424 ext 4683[email protected]
McGill UniversityCounselling PsychologyM.AProfessional internship and Project optionsMartin DrapeauGraduate Program Director514-398-4904[email protected]
Université de LavalSciences de l’orientationM.ACounseling psychologiqueLiette GoyerProgram Director418-656-2131 ext. 6043[email protected]
Université de MontréalPsychoéducationM.Sc– Avec stages et rapport d’intégration professionnelle
– Avec stages et évaluation de programme d’intervention
– Avec mémoire et stages
– Avec mémoire
Michel JanoszDirector, School of Psychoeducation514-343-6111 ext. 2513[email protected]
Université de Québec à MontréalCarriérologieM.A & M.Ed– Profil recherche-intervention (M.A.)
– Profil intervention (M.Ed. – mémoire de reccherche ou mémoire d’intervention)
  514-987-3000 est. 4551[email protected]
SexologieM.A– Concentration clinique (sans mémoire)
– Concentration recherche-intervention
  514 987-3504[email protected]
Université de Québec à RimouskiÉtude des pratiques psychosocialesM.A   418 723-1986 ext. 1427Contact Us
Gestion des personnes en milieu de travailM.Sc– Avec mémoire
– Sans mémoire
  418 723-1986 ext. 1545Contact Us
Université de Québec à Trois-RivièresÉducationM.Ed-Sans mémoireSonia El EuchDirector, Graduate Program Committee – Education819-376-5011 ext. 3604[email protected]
PsychoéducationM.Sc-Avec mémoire
-Avec stage (option: Québec)
-Avec mémoire et stage (option: Québec)
Marc AlainDirector, Graduate Program Committee – Psychoeducation819-376-5011 ext. 2827[email protected]
Université de SherbrookePsychoéducationM.Sc – cheminement de type cours
– cheminement de type recherche
  819-821-8000 ext. 67980[email protected]
OrientationM.Sc– cheminement de type cours
– cheminement de type recherche
  819 821-7445[email protected]
Intervention en ToxicomanieM.I.T   450 463-1835 ext. 61795[email protected]
Université du Québec en Abitibi-TémiscaminguePsychoéducationMaitrise– Avec mémoire
– Avec stage
-Avec mémoire et stage
Said BergheulProfessor in charge of the master’s degree in psychoeducation819-762-0971 ext. 2680[email protected]
Art-thérapieM.A   1-877-870-8728 ext. 6746[email protected]
ÉducationMaitriseSans ou avec mémoire de rechercheMaria-Lourdes Lira-Gonzales 819 762-0971 ext. 2109[email protected]
Université du Québec en OutaouaisPsychoéducationMaitrise Paul Samuel GreenmanDirector of the Department of Psychoeducation and Psychology819-595-3900 ext. 2686[email protected]