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CCC Certification with CCPA is different from membership with CCPA.

Overview of Certification

In 1986, CCPA established a credentialing service for its members: Canadian Certified Counsellors: A National Certification Program for Professional Counsellors.

Certification with CCPA is different from membership with CCPA. This distinction between membership and certification is for the benefit of the public. Certification represents a successful evaluation of a member’s qualification to practice. Membership does not. Should you wish to use a qualification designation from CCPA, you must seek certification, which will permit the use of the letters CCC as the appropriate statement about qualifications to practice counselling.

The Canadian Certified Counsellor certification is a national service that identifies to the public those counsellors who CCPA recognizes as qualified to provide counselling services in Canada. Obtaining the status of Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) includes recognition of standards of professional preparation, continuing education, and a formal code of ethics. As a non-statutory self-regulating body, CCPA provides advice and discipline for members on matters of professional conduct.

Only counsellors who are certified by CCPA are permitted to use the trademarked title Canadian Certified Counsellor and/or the acronym ‘CCC’. Certified Professional Members also receive a certificate which their clients should expect to see displayed at the place of work.

Benefits of Certification

In addition to membership benefits, individuals who obtain certified membership with CCPA enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  • Eligibility for Group Professional Liability insurance, available through a Group Plan from CCPA’s broker of choice. This national company has considerable experience with professional liability insurance and provides insurance services for a number of other professions in Canada;
  • Ready-to-frame certificate identifying you as a Canadian Certified Counsellor;
  • Public recognition of national qualification as a certified counsellor;
  • The right to add the title of C.C.C. (Canadian Certified Counsellor) on all your professional correspondence;
  • Inclusion in our C.C.C. online Directory.
  • Eligibility to apply for the C.C.C. – S. certification.
  • Access to CCPA’s Telephone Legal Advice Helpline.

Fees and Renewal

Certified membership with CCPA costs $260 annually, comprised of a $185 membership fee plus a $75 certification fee. When you apply for certification, there is an additional $95 evaluation fee. Although Certified Members pay certification fees annually, the certification credential is valid for a three-year period during which certified members must accrue 36 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) in order to demonstrate professional development and to renew their certification for another three-year period.

Certification Guide


In order to apply for Certification, applicants must first be a Professional Member in good standing with CCPA.


Certification application forms