Living with Uncertainty and Using Clients’ Career Stories to Empower Career & Life Choices

Posted by: Mark Franklin on March 31, 2011 4:36 pm

“After graduating university and spending only six months in a boring engineering job, Bruce Kirkby ditched the nine-to-five life, packed his rusty pickup, and headed west in search of adventure. He’s been going full tilt ever since. The journeys that followed have taken him to every corner of the planet, from Everest to Arabia, Ethiopia’s Blue Nile Gorge to the rivers of the Arctic. Bruce has ridden horses across Mongolia and camels across Arabia’s legendary Empty Quarter. His account of that journey, ‘Sand Dance, By Camel Across Arabia’s Great Southern Desert’ was published in 2000.” Now with a family and two children, and based in Kimberley, BC, Bruce travels less and writes more, including his weekly Globe and Mail column.

Hi, I’m Mark Franklin, practice leader of CareerCycles, a career management social enterprise in Toronto, producer/host of weekly Career Buzz radio show, and new blogger here at CCPA. Bruce Kirkby was a recent guest on Career Buzz – listen here. When asked about a personal strength aligned with his career, Bruce said “my ability to live with uncertainty.”

Bruce is proof you can formulate a career around one glowing strength!

Here at CareerCycles, our team of eight Associates has been using a holistic, narrative and strengths-based method of practice to empower over 3500 clients. In future blog posts I look forward to sharing more insightful career stories, and helpful tips and techniques to empower your clients through their career stories, and in so doing, enrich your own careers and lives! Meanwhile, please LEAVE A COMMENT and share your experiences with clients’ career stories… do you use a narrative approach? If so, what do you do? What do you think of Bruce’s story? What’s an important turning point in your own career story?


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  1. Manajemen says:

    Can you tell us more about Bruce Kirkby’s career journey and how he transitioned from a boring engineering job to a life of adventure and writing?

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